08/16/14 – Reminder about Carryover Ejections from 2013-2014

August 16, 2014 Athletic Department Blog Updates

In several unfortunate situations each year, coaches or athletes with eligibility remaining are ejected near the end of the season, or near the end of the season for violations of Bylaw 15, Sportsmanships. Please note that when that happens, the penalty carries to the next year if the student-athlete remains enrolled, and to the new school if the coach changes jobs/schools. 

Please note all rules related to player/coach ejections, including the provisions for varsity and non-varsity ejections, are listed at http://khsaa.org/dq-policy-on-reinstatement-of-disqualified-apolicy-on-reinstatement-of-disqualified-athletes-coaches/, and a complete list from 2013-2014 is listed on the KHSAA website at http://khsaa.org/dq_list_public/. You will need to review this listing to ensure that you properly require athletes and coaches to miss the required contests if in fact they were ejected. 

Also note that being ineligible for scrimmages (sitting out) does NOT satisfy any penalty, such must be served at the varsity contest level.

If you have specific questions, please contact Michael Barren (mbarren@khsaa.org) at the KHSAA offices, or any member of the Executive staff.


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