11/12/14 – Bowling FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

September 27, 2013 Bowling Blog Updates

Bowling – Frequently asked Questions

General Information

How many kids do we need to form a team and play?

You need a minimum of 6 to complete in a match, but may have as many as 12 at a
match to be used as players and substitutes. In the post season you will to narrow
down to a 15 player roster from which to select your 12 for a given match.

Where can we bowl?

Contact your local bowling centers now. Bowling centers have year round leagues.
The sooner they know about your needs the better they can plan for your team. You
are not restricted about where you compete for the regular season.

Who makes the schedule?

Many bowling centers are used to making master schedules for the groups. You will
be using their facilities, so it may be easiest to contact them and let them know
that you will have a team. The centers managers and owners have been very helpful
in coordinating matches dates, times, etc for the schools in their local areas.
This minimizes conflicts with their existing leagues. You may also schedule matches
yourself with teams.

*New – Who can we play?

Schools can other school teams.  Teams can play school teams from any level (Varsity, JV, boys, girls, or coed) during the regular season.  There are restrictions to level and gender once the postseason begins only at this time.

How many matches can we play?

The KHSAA has not put a maximum on the number of contest to be played. Because each part of the state organizes their play differently, the number of contest is up to the school or school district. Unlike some other sports, you can bowl a number of matches in one day and it only counts as one against your limit of days. This may be necessary in areas where teams will need to bowl all of their matches on Saturdays, for example, due to travel and lane availability concerns. Teams could meet on a given day and bowl multiple matches and opponents on that day.

How much does it cost per team?

This something that you will need to work on with the bowling centers. The Kentucky
Proprietors Association has set a price that they are asking that all centers stick
to, but not all centers are members of this association. Schools may need to contact
the bowling center in their area and negotiate lane usage and prices. This fee should
include practice lanes, shoes, and lane fees for matches. We have found that proprietors
are very interested in the program succeeding and have shown a willingness to work
with our schools.

Is there a uniform for bowlers?

Yes, there is a uniform shirt and they wear long pants (jeans, leggings and yoga pants are not acceptable) to bowl. In the past some bowling centers were able to include the uniform shirt into their cost package for a team, but schools may want to order their own. We ask that schools put their school name or logo on their uniform shirts. This may be on the front, front pocket, the sleeve or on the back as long as it is visible for other teams and spectators to identify. Shirts do not have to have collars.


We are asking schools to add numbers to the right sleeve of the shirt. This will aid in
the tracking of substitutions and tracking participants. No two student athletes
may have the same number. The number should appear on the right sleeve and should
be a contrasting color from the jersey color and no smaller than two inches in size.

This will be a phased in requirement, which will become mandatory for the
2013-2014 school year.

*New – Illegal Equipment

Because we are a high school sport it is important that we show sportsmanship in every way possible.  This includes the equipment.  No equipment (ball, towel, shoes, rosen bag, uniform, etc) shall have any derogatory, foul or offensive language or symbols of any kind.  If a student or coach has to ask if it is offensive in any way, it probably is.

(Examples: Hellraiser and bad ass products are illegal)

*New – Two Handed Bowlers – USBC Rule Enforced

USBC Rule – Holes or indentations for gripping purposes shall not exceed five and shall be limited to one for each finger and one for the thumb, all for the same hand.  The player is not required to use all finger holes in any specific delivery, but they must be able to demonstrate, with the same hand, that each gripping hole can be simultaneously used for gripping purposes. Any thumb hole that is not used for gripping purposes during the delivery would be classified as a balance hole. 

Link to additional questions – USBC Rule, Rational and FAQs about new two handed bowling rule

Can grade school kids play up on the high school team?

*NEW – Yes, if they are in your direct feeder pattern as defined by Bylaw 4, and not below
the 7th grade. There is a grandfathered listing as this rule is new with the middle school regulations that are now in place.  Please consult your A.D. or school administration to check the grandfather list.

Can we still add a team?

After a year of play we are hoping that more schools are interested in adding a
team. Please notify KHSAA when adding or dropping a team so that school in on alignments and correspondence can be as accurate as possible.

Can students win scholarship money?

We have confirmation that the scholarship program established in Kentucky is approved
by the NCAA and does not jeopardize amateur status. This program, called the “SMART”
program holds scholarship money in an account for students until they graduate from
high school and have a set of rules as to how the money can be used. Any other scholarship
monies awarded (outside of the SMART program) may not be based solely on bowling
skill, but must include other requirements such as academic achievement, leadership
skills, and community service.

*Clarified – Bylaw 10 Amateur/Awards does not apply to Sport Activities

Can high school bowlers bowl in my adult leagues? *

Yes, because bylaw 10 no longer applies.

How do we know who to contact?

You will need to start by talking to the Athletic Director at each school.

Can high school coaches coach my youth leagues as well as coach the
high school team?

Yes, the only restriction we will have in the summer dead period which is June 25
through July 9 each year.

Can I host tournaments throughout the season?

Yes, we ask you to work with schools to host tournaments throughout the year. Ticket
sales from the tournament must be returned to the schools participating or the host
school, but other proceeds may be divided up per an agreement with schools.

If we did not have a team last year, when will we know what region
we are in?

Once we have established all of the additional teams adding this season we will add those teams into the alignment. It will likely be after the season begins as we will continue
to encourage schools to add bowling. (Check the KHSAA handbook under competition
rules for alignment).

What will the postseason format will be?

Each region will send the top two girls teams and top two boy’s teams from each
region to the state tournament. There will also be a qualifier for the state tournament
for individuals at the region and each region will bring four boys and four girls
to the state tournament. (for more information check the competition rules in the
KHSAA handbook).

How do I become or remain the coach at my school?

Coaches need to contact the Athletic Director and/or Principal at the school to
inquire about the coaching position for bowling. Each school is responsible for
hiring their coaches.

What are the requirements for being a high school coach?

All coaches must comply with Bylaw 25.  To read more about bylaw 26 click the link
below: http://khsaa.org/handbook/bylaws/20142015/bylaw25.pdf

Can a coach charge for a 1 on 1 lesson?

Yes, with the approval of the principal at your school, but such cannot be required
of the students.

Can I coach my team or any of my kids outside the high school season?

Yes, except during the dead period (June 25 to July 9). Please check with your AD
about the additional rules regarding outside of season play (as far as school name
and mascot may not be used, etc)

Can I coach a summer youth league during the dead period?

Yes, as long as no member of the youth team has been a member of your high school
team and provided your team members are not competing at the same time.

Who can volunteer to help with my team?

That will be the decision of the principal at you school. If they are a coach then
they must meet all coaching requirements under bylaw 25, even if they are not being
paid. These requirements are the same for all coaches, head and assistant; varsity,
junior varsity or freshman; paid or unpaid.

Will teams receive scholarships for winning regional or state tournaments?

No, not at this time. The KHSAA will continue to work for sponsorship of scholarship
money, but the basis for the scholarship will not be connected to the outcome of
the tournament. The criteria for scholarship awards given through the KHSAA program
will be based on academics, leadership, participation, and community service.

Will teams collect points throughout the season or will they win,
lose, or tie?

They will win, lose or tie.

Will the team members have to purchase a USBC membership?

No, this is not a requirement, but there is information on our website about those who are members being registered as a high school team member.  This will allow those students to qualify for recognition when a high game score is achieved.

Can we sell signage or sponsorships to advertise on our uniforms
to local businesses?

Yes. However, the sponsorship on the uniform shall not include alcohol or tobacco
products or business that sells those products exclusively, and alcohol shall not
be sold in the competition area during high school matches.

Will there be a way to communicate with coaches throughout the state
to share questions, advice, and tournament information?

Yes, there is a communication network for bowling to be used throughout the state.
It is sponsored by UK and is referred to as a LISTSERV. You may click on the link
below to subscribe. Once you click on the link you will fill out your name and email
address and choose the button next to Bowling. Then continue to follow the directions.
Once you are confirmed you will receive an email with instructions on how to send
a message. This message will be sent to everyone who has subscribed and you will
receive emails from all that post messages. This will be very useful to share tournament
information, schedule matches, share fund raising ideas, share instructional tips,
etc. Here is the link to get you started –

Season Length and Bylaw Compliance

When is the first date of practice?

The first date of practice for bowling is October 1st.

What is the maximum number of bowling competitions?

The number of contest played is a decision made by each schools administration.

When will KHSAA Region Bowling Competitions be held?

Region competitions will be held during the window January 26th – February 7th of the
2014-2015 school year. Click on the link below for future dates:


When does the Bowling season end?

The state championship will be at Collins Eastland – singles on Thursday,
February 12th and teams on Friday, February 13th.

Which KHSAA Bylaws are applicable to Bowling?

Currently, the following KHSAA Bylaws apply to bowling teams and all other
sport activities –

Bylaw 1 – Responsibility Of Eligibility

Bylaw 2 – Age

Bylaw 4 – Enrollment Requirements

Bylaw 5 – Minimum Academic Requirement

Bylaw 12 – Physical Examination, Parental Consent And Insurance

Bylaw 14 – Other Eligibility Requirements And Regulations

Bylaw 15 – Practice Of Sportsmanship

Bylaw 17 –Certification Of Eligibility

Bylaw 18 – Supplying Information And Reports

Bylaw 21 – Protests

Bylaw 23 – Limitation Of Seasons

Bylaw 24 – Summer Sports And Sports/Activities

Bylaw 25 – Requirement For Coaches And Others Working With High School Teams

Bylaw 26 – Rulings, Reporting Of Violations

Bylaw 27 – Imposition Of Penalties

Which KHSAA Bylaws are NOT applicable to Bowling?

*Bylaw 3– Maximum Number Of Years

Bylaw 6 – Domestic Transfer Rule

Bylaw 7 – Foreign Exchange Students

*Bylaw 8 – Non Exchange Foreign Students

Bylaw 9 – Contestant on Other Teams

Bylaw 10 – Amateur and Awards

Bylaw 11 – Financial Aid

Bylaw 13 – Agreement Regarding Professional Baseball Contracts

*Bylaw 16 – Recruitment/Undue Influence

*Bylaw 19 – Comparable Opportunities

Bylaw 20 – Use of Licensed Officials

*Bylaw 22 – Contests/Sanctioning

Do tournaments have to be sanctioned? Do schools need to be involved?

We have had many questions concerning bowling centers hosting tournaments. A basic
explanation is this: a) Tournaments, matches, or all-star contest must be hosted/sponsored
by a member school, conference, group of member schools or coaches association.
This host/sponsor is responsible for all aspects (planning, supervision, and financial).
This does not mean that they cannot have outside groups help with these aspects,
but that that host is responsible for that oversight of these aspects. Also, the
schools must derive any profit from the ticket sales from this event individually
or collectively. If a bowling center would like to have a tournament, they will
basically need to have a school (or other entity mentioned above) to be the host
school, and if any profit is made on ticket sales (after expenses) That money shall
go to the host school(s) or association. b) If the tournament has a sponsor (for
example Ebonite or Outback Steakhouse give the school/center $1,000), you must contact
the KHSAA as more requirements are necessary. c) If the tournament includes out
of state teams, please contact the KHSAA for assistance and the possibility of additional

Sanctioning/Out of State Travel (Bylaw 22)

We are clarifying that out-of-state travel does not need to be sanctioned or approved
by the KHSAA.

Coaches Requirements (Bylaw 25)

All Coaches must meet KHSAA Bylaw 25 Minimum Coaching Requirements including coach education requirements, Sports Safety & Concussion, KHSAA/NFHS Rules Clinic. This includes faculty and non-faculty coaches and any other individual involved in cheer-specific training such as choreographers or any other activity specific component. These
individuals must be listed on the KHSAA Coaching Registry. COMPETITION RULES

Who will select and manage the region competitions?

The region managers are reviewed by each region the previous year. The final
assignments for site selection will be made by the KHSAA. These individuals will
be listed on the KHSAA website.

What is the entry fee for region competition?

There is no entry fee to participate in the KHSAA competition.

How will funds be divided from Region Competitions?

If there are any surplus funds from receipts at region competitions, funds from
receipts from region competitions shall be divided based upon agreement of the schools
in the region. Should a written policy not be in place, they shall be divided evenly
following expenses.

What are the competitions divisions for the Bowling championships?

All competition will be in one division.

How does a school enter the Bowling Tournament?

Each school may enter online in the school subsystem that your school will enter
a team for the bowling tournament. School commitments to enter a team should be
submitted by January 15th this year to allow for planning of the Bowling State Tournament.

Can a school enter multiple teams in the region competition? No.
They may enter one girls and one boys/coed team.

When is the 2015 Ebonite/KHSAA State Bowling Competition?

The 2015 Ebonite/KHSAA State Bowling Competition will be held Thursday, February 12th and Friday, February 13th at Collins Eastland in Lexington.

Who advances to State Competition?

Each regional team winner and runner up and the top 4 singles (boy and girl).

Withdrawal from the State Competition

Any school that participates in the region competition and then withdraws from the
state competition after having qualified will be ineligible to enter the region
competition for a period of not less than two years.