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07/11/16 – Important Reminders About the Start of Football Practice

Athletic Department Blog Updates

These reminders are critically important as we transition to the start of football practice for the 2016 season. This notice and all provisions supersede any and all previous communication regarding practice rules and regulations.

The following provisions should be noted at all times:

  • The complete list of regulations including allowable activities can be found at or at There are a few notes that all coaches and administrators should keep in mind:
  • The first five days must be Level 0 and Level 1 only during acclimation and acclimatization and are limited to one three-hour session per day.
  • Each player must have five days in helmets only before being able to add shoulder pads, and those pads cannot be added until July 22. Keep in mind this is a count for each player, not for the team, so players coming out late may be delayed in putting on shoulder pads (after July 21) or other gear (after July 31)
  • Beginning […]


06/22/16 – Reminder about Equipment Issuance During Dead Period (USA Football)

Athletic Department Blog Updates

The KHSAA offices have received several inquiries regarding participation by students in USA Football’s National Development Games. According to their verification letter, there are six different options to attend. We had asked at least two member schools to seek clarifications regarding equipment, but none responded, so today, staff contacted USA Football directly for clarification. Following that clarification, here are the provisions that have been determined. These provisions apply ONLY to 2016, as likely additional restrictions will be added to football rules to clarify (and likely restrict) this for the future years.

  • KHSAA member schools may not issue equipment to KHSAA member school students for the July 5 to July 9 camp dates. This is during the KHSAA mandated dead period and KHSAA member school equipment cannot be used for any reason. Athletes attending the camps have an option to rent equipment owned by USA Football during these periods (approximate cost is $60 for necessary gear). The […]


05/12/16 – Board of Control Names Spalding Official Ball Sponsor

2015-2016 News Releases


The KHSAA Board of Control conducted its final meeting of the 2015-16 academic year over a two-day session at the Association’s headquarters May 10-11. Among the various items discussed, the Board reviewed the results of a request for proposals distributed in March for a new official ball partnership, as its current agreement with Rawlings will expire at the end of the 2015-16 season. Following its review, the Board approved the Commissioner’s recommendation to accept the three-year proposal from Spalding (2016-17 through 2018-19), pending final signed contracts.

The Board completed a comprehensive review of eligibility rules and programs within the Association as required by existing state regulation, focusing on potential Constitution and Bylaw proposals to be voted on by the membership to address undue influence (recruiting) concerns and revisions to the transfer and enrollment rules. Final proposal determinations will be determined at the Board’s July meeting.

Also […]


04/22/16 – Reminder Bylaw 23 Limitation of Seasons

Athletic Department Blog Updates

This is a reminder to all administrators and coaches concerning Bylaw 23, Limitation of Seasons. KHSAA staff members have received several inquiries about permitted activity,  specifically concerning fall sports and practice/tryouts for the fall. The same principle and rule would apply to any “tryout” in any sport or sport-activity that is not held during the period defined by Bylaw 23.

The first official tryout/practice date for 2016 football is July 10.  For the other fall sports/sport-activities (Soccer, Golf, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Cross Country, Competitive Cheer), the first official practice date is July 15. Only after these dates can anything mandatory be required of team members or potential team members. 

Until the day following the last day of school or May 31 (whichever is earliest), coaches are permitted to provide instruction and be involved with team members (provided such is approved by the principal), but continue to be restricted in “competitive” situations with other schools unless they are […]


04/04/16 – Reminders About Spring Football Practice and Rest of School Year

Football Blog Updates

With more than 80 percent of our football schools setting their practice window for the Monday following spring break, it seems timely to remind every about the rules on practice and equipment. There are no changes for 2016 as these changes were adopted prior to the 2015 season.

The published spring football dates are online as always, located at There are no provisions to change submitted dates (only in an emergency request from school administration). Per the bylaw, the only change permitted is to start the three-week (19-day) window on the Monday following the ORIGINAL published spring break week. Remember, scheduling of spring practice is a calendar function NOT a coach function, it is possible that with coaching changes, spring practice may not be an option at a specific school.

  • Spring practice is the only option to utilize all of the football equipment for the players. Formal spring practice per the listed dates is […]


  • 03/24/16 – Board of Control Approves Football Playoff Structure in 5A, 6A; Issuance of RFP for Official Ball

    2015-2016 News Releases

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 24, 2016

    The Board of Control conducted its fifth regularly scheduled meeting of the school year at the Lexington Center on March 18th, during which time it finalized the playoff format for 5A and 6A, approved the issuance of an RFP to designate a new official ball, and elected its President-elect for 2016-17.

    After an extensive review of potential playoff formats over several meetings that was finalized in January, the Board reviewed the proposed cross-bracketing table for Class 5A and 6A for 2016 through 2018. Following the review, the Board approved the cross-bracket table for 5A and 6A, and will continue review of playoff pairing discussions in 2A, 3A and 4A for 2017 and 2018 during its May meeting, following receipt of survey results. The adopted table of cross-bracket pairings is available at

    With the Association’s current ball contract with Rawlings set to expire at the end of the school year, the […]


    Board Approves Cross-Bracket Pairings for 2016-18 in Class 5A, 6A; Moratorium Lifted on Contracts

    Football Blog Updates

    The Board of Control has finalized the cross-bracket pairings for Class 5A and 6A in the football playoffs for 2016, 2017 and 2018. The Board had determined in January, following months of dialogue and review, that some form of cross-bracketing was the desire of the membership (as opposed to playing the first two rounds of the playoffs within the district). In January, the Board then also approved rotating those regional pairings (cross-bracket pairings) in 5A and 6A for 2016 through 2018 with staff directed to bring back proposed options to the March 18th meeting. Those pairings were then finalized by the Board of Control at the March meeting and are listed at The Board also approved in January a provision that stipulates that if equal seeded teams meet in consecutive years in the third / fourth rounds, the game site from the prior year will be reversed so that the same team will […]


    Bylaw 23 Provisions – Football Practice Regulations

    Football Blog Updates

    This supersedes any previously published material.

    Bylaw 23. Limitation of Seasons
    Sec. 6) Sports Specific Limitations- FOOTBALL
    a) Organized practice shall be structured in football as follows:
    (1) Football drill work and practice activity shall be defined in the following five categories:
    a. “Level 0” or “air” means that players run a drill unopposed and without contact;
    b. “Level 1” or “bags” means that a drill is run against a bag or another soft contact surface;
    c. “Level 2” or “control” means that a drill is run at the assigned speed until the moment of contact; one (1) player is predetermined the winner by the coach; contact remains above the waist; and players stay on their feet;
    d. “Level 3” or “thud” means that a drill is run at the assigned speed through the moment of contact; there is not a predetermined winner; contact remains above the waist; players stay on their feet; and […]


    01/29/16 – Board Approves Final Football Alignment Moves, Resolves Cross-Bracketing Review for 2016 through 2018

    Football Blog Updates

    At its regular meeting on January 28, the Board of Control completed a review and discussion on a variety of football related issues. These issues had been on the Board agenda for a period of time and input had been gathered from the Administrators, Athletic Directors and Football Coaches that are members of the Football Advisory Committee, in addition to nearly constant general membership feedback. Data gathered (including travel mileage) and presented to both the Advisory Committee and the Board of Control is available through the Board agenda system at

    Per the Competition Rules, the school enrollments were to be reviewed following receipt of the 2015-16 enrollments, and the current four-year average boys enrollment at each school was to be compared with the four-year average boys enrollment that placed the teams in classes for 2015-2018. Any school whose ranked enrollment would place them in a different class AND the percentage of enrollment change was […]


    01/28/16 – Board of Control Addresses Football Alignment, Bracketing; Baseball Pitch Count; Swimming and Diving State Qualifiers

    2015-2016 News Releases

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 28, 2016

    The Board of Control addressed a lengthy agenda during its regularly scheduled meeting at the KHSAA Offices on Thursday, approving a slight “midcourse” adjustment to the football alignment as required by the competition rules and future football playoff bracket formats, finalizing a baseball pitch count, and settling on the number of regional qualifiers for the state swimming and diving meet for 2016.

    Per the football competition rules, a “midcourse” adjustment is to be made in the second year of a four-year alignment. In order to be considered for adjustment, the four-year average enrollment (including 2015-16 data) would have to be within the boundaries of another class, and the school shall have had at least a 10 percent change in four-year average enrollment during the two-year period.

    Upon review of the data, only two schools fit the criteria to be placed into a different class, and the Board unanimously approved the movement of […]


    01/26/16 – Reminder About Moratorium on Signing 2017 Football Contracts (and beyond)

    Football Blog Updates

    For some reason, we have received several reports of schools prematurely scheduling contests for 2017 and beyond in football. Please remember that until the alignment for 2017 is finalized, no contract may be signed. As has been the case for many years, the four year alignment has a two-year adjustment based on significant changes in enrollment.

    Because of the ripple effect of any change in alignment, no school may sign a contract for 2017 until the Board of Control has finalized the 2017 adjustments. That is an agenda item this coming Thursday at the regular meeting of the Board of Control, and within three days afterwards, schools will be advised of the option to begin signing contracts. If any adjustments are finalized Thursday, the clearance will be given from the office. Otherwise, if there are any decisions deferred, it will be at least the March meeting of the Board before contracts can be signed.

    Consider this as […]


    12/03/15 – Russell Athletic/KHSAA Commonwealth Gridiron Bowl Broadcast Schedule

    2015-2016 News Releases

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 3, 2015

    The 2015 Russell Athletic/KHSAA Commonwealth Gridiron Bowl gets underway tonight as Pikeville takes on Beechwood in the 1A Championship game at Houchens Industries/L.T. Smith Stadium in Bowling Green at 7 p.m. (CT). Each game of the championship will be webcast live at for subscribers to the NFHS Network. A free audio broadcast of each game can also be found at

    All productions will be a part of the NFHS Network this season, which is a subscription based service. Subscription plans for the NFHS Network include a day pass ($9.95), a monthly pass ($14.95) and an annual pass ($119.95).

    These passes, with the daily pass priced less than the cost of admission to state championship contests, not only entitle the users to Kentucky broadcasts, but all of the broadcasts from the more than 40 participating state associations. To subscribe to the NFHS Network, visit:

    Direct links […]


    11/27/15 – Schedule Set For 2015 Russell Athletic/KHSAA Commonwealth Gridiron Bowl

    2015-2016 News Releases

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 27, 2015

    With its win over Marshall on Friday, Western Kentucky University secured its right to host the Conference USA Championship game on Saturday, Dec. 5 at 11 a.m. (CT). WKU hosting the C-USA Championship means the KHSAA will utilize the alternative schedule for the 2015 Russell Athletic/KHSAA Commonwealth Gridiron Bowl approved by the Board of Control in October.

    The revised order of games will be as follows:

    Thursday, December 3
    7:00 PM (1A) – Beechwood vs. Pikeville

    Saturday, December 5
    5:00 PM (6A) – Male vs. Lafayette
    8:00 PM (5A) – Bowling Green vs. Pulaski County

    Sunday, December 6
    1:00 PM (2A) – Mayfield vs. Newport Central Catholic
    4:00 PM (3A) – Lexington Catholic vs. Belfry
    7:00 PM (4A) – South Warren vs. Johnson Central

    *All Times Central

    Fans can watch a live webcast of each game at, or listen to a free audio broadcast of each game at […]


    11/19/15 – Board Approves Revised Schedule For State Baseball, Tennis Tournaments

    2015-2016 News Releases

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 19, 2015

    On Wednesday, the Board of Control approved a proposal from KHSAA staff to revise the schedule for the state baseball tournament during its regularly scheduled meeting at the Association’s headquarters. In an effort to alleviate competitive issues under the current format resulting from pitching limitations and roster depth, as outlined in the extensive research conducted by Lawrence County Athletic Director Travis Feltner and validated through staff review of the current format, the new format will provide a minimum of three days of rest between the quarterfinals and the semifinals. Beginning with this year’s state tournament, the revised format will allow teams the opportunity to use their pitchers at the top of the rotation in both the early rounds (first round/quarterfinals) and the later rounds (semifinals/championship).

    “Pitching limitations are in place for the health and safety of our student-athletes,” KHSAA Commissioner Julian Tackett said. “In keeping with the overall desire of the […]


    11/12/15 – Information On Ordering Tickets to 2015 Russell Athletic/KHSAA State Football Finals

    Football Blog Updates

    Russell Athletic/KHSAA Commonwealth Gridiron Bowl

    It is again time for us to take orders for advance tickets to the Russell Athletic/KHSAA State Football Finals. We are obviously later than normal, but have tried to work out logistics for ticket pickup, etc. in the event that WKU hosts its conference final game. If you have not read the information about the scheduling conflict with the final games and WKU’s possible conference title game, please see We hope we can count on your continued support for the twelve teams that make it to the finals. Here are some notes about this year’s finals.

    • The games will be played at Feix Field, Houchens Industries – L.T. Smith Stadium at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green;
    • The KFCA will be conducting important continuous improvement sessions in conjunction with the finals. Contact Jimmie Reed with the KFCA for details as well as […]


    11/10/15 – High School Playoff Contests Asked to Honor Veterans

    2015-2016 News Releases

    Through the efforts of a veteran and concerned individual by the name of Robert Williams of Menlo Park, California, there is now a national movement to have every high school and college in the United States honor all veterans and active duty military at events near Veteran’s Day. This is a great way to recognize our veterans and active duty military and hopefully reinforce to all the importance of their sacrifices and the meaning of Veteran’s Day. The KHSAA is grateful to be able to participate.

    For the second round of the football playoffs at home sites November 13 and 14, each home school is asked to request all veterans and active duty military in attendance to stand and be recognized for their contributions.

    The KHSAA is certainly proud to be a part of this recognition and hopeful that this simple acknowledgment will convey a powerful message of thanks on the part of the school and the […]


    11/03/15 – NFL Releases New Study on Helmets

    Athletic Department Blog Updates

    The NFHS recently shared with the KHSAA an item from the NFL. The NFL recently released the results from a joint study with the NFLPA that looked at what football helmets best reduced the severity of impact. The performance of the 17 football helmets in these laboratory tests was evaluated across all impact velocities and locations and compared with one another. A statistical test was used to group football helmets with similar performance scores.

    It is important to emphasize that these results were based on testing intended to represent NFL impacts and thus, the conclusions on helmet performance cannot be extrapolated to collegiate, high school, or youth football.

    The findings from this study that were offered this past July to NFL athletic trainers and equipment managers are posted on the KHSAA website at /football/2015nflfootballhelmettestingstudy.pdf.

    For those interested in the poster, you can find it at

    Please use this information as you see fit.

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    10/31/15 – Final End of Season FB Tiebreaker Results

    Football Blog Updates

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 31, 2015

    The calculations for the three-way tie-breaker in football have been posted online at

    Playoff pairings as well as the instructions and details about the games are available at and the final district standings are posted at

    There were five out of state records that factored into the tiebreakers

    There were five specific ties this season with the final calculations at

    10/30/15 – Update On Schedule For 2015 Russell Athletic/KHSAA Commonwealth Gridiron Bowl

    2015-2016 News Releases

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 30, 2015

    The 2015 Russell Athletic/KHSAA Commonwealth Gridiron Bowl State Football Finals are slated for Houchens Industries/L.T. Smith Stadium on the campus of Western Kentucky University the weekend of December 3-6. The tentative schedule for the event has the games scheduled as follows (All times Central):

    Friday, Dec. 4th – 1A – 11 AM, 2A – 2:30 PM, 6A – 6 PM
    Saturday, Dec. 5th – 3A – 11 AM, 4A – 2:30 PM, 5A – 6 PM

    In the event that Western Kentucky University would earn the right to host the Conference USA Championship game the same weekend as the Russell Athletic/KHSAA Commonwealth Gridiron Bowl, the schedule of games for the state football finals would have to be adjusted as follows:

    *Thursday, Dec. 3rd – 1A – 7 PM
    *Saturday, Dec. 5th – 6A – 5 PM, 5A – 8 PM
    *Sunday, Dec. 6th – 2A – 1 PM, 3A – 4 PM, 4A […]


    10/29/15 – Reminders about Football Playoffs and Final Regular Season Week

    Football Blog Updates

    This is being distributed to ALL KHSAA football playing schools. If it doesn’t apply to you, please disregard.

    As we prepare for 95 games to be played during week 1 of the playoffs, we ask for your cooperation as we try and pull final brackets together over this coming weekend. We have published what we have as of now, but need game times and sites confirmed so that officials assignments can be made.

    A few reminders–

    1) BRACKETS AND TIE BREAKERS – All information as we have it now is posted on the KHSAA website. You can find it at under the pull down for playoff Rounds 1-4,

    2) PLEASE REMEMBER TO CALL YOUR SCORE TO THE SCOREBOARD as soon as the game is over this week EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT PLAYING IN THE PLAYOFFS. Many times, the three-way tiebreaker comes down to a single missing result from a non-playoff or out of state team, so all scores […]


    10/26/15 – 2016 State Bass Fishing Site Announced, Upcoming Webcast and Audio Schedule, Lincoln County Sanctioned

    2015-2016 News Releases

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 26, 2015

    During its meeting at the KHSAA Offices on October 20th, the Board of Control reviewed site options for the 2016 KHSAA Bass Fishing Championships. After examining options across the state, the Board ultimately elected to keep this year’s event at the Kentucky Dam Marina in Gilbertsville due to success of the event in its first three years, and strong support from local organizers and sponsors. The Board also asked the Commissioner to seek proposals for an additional three years from both the area near Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake, as well as the Lake Cumberland region.

    “It is always good when multiple quality facilities and communities are interested in hosting our championships. The event has been wildly successful in terms of administration in its three years in the Kentucky Lake area and during that time of year, has offered our participants great opportunities for success in landing quality fish,” said Commissioner […]


    10/11/15 – Reminder – Fall Postseason Eligibility Limited To Those On Postseason Roster

    Cross Country Blog Updates

    This reminder to all athletic directors, principals, and coaches at KHSAA member schools. Only those students who are indicated with a checkmark in the “postseason roster” column are eligible to compete in KHSAA sanctioned postseason competition. The following are quick reminders to take the steps necessary to complete this task, and will only work if you have administrator rights (principal/AD) or coach that has roster rights granted by an administrator:

    10/01/15 – to Sponsor Above and Beyond Awards at All State Championship Events

    2015-2016 News Releases, a Kentucky-based company headquartered in Smiths Grove specializing in trophies, awards, name tags and signs, will provide the “Above and Beyond” award at each KHSAA state championship event for 2015-16. is proud to be the Official Supplier of Trophies and Awards to the Kentucky High School Athletic Association.

    The award is given to a participant at each KHSAA championship event and will be awarded from the pool of candidates nominated by participating school representatives. The award is based on five attributes: Citizenship, Leadership, Athletics, Sportsmanship and Scholarship.

    Nominated students should exemplify these five attributes by:

    09/30/15 – Fall Sports Championship Media Credentials

    2015-2016 News Releases

    The KHSAA’s online media credentialing system for the Fall Sports Championships is now live. Media members can visit to apply for credentials online.

    Credentials to each KHSAA state championship event are issued by the KHSAA to working members of the media that regularly cover high school athletics. Credentials must be requested prior to the established deadline for each sport through the online credentialing system (

    Credentials should be requested by the sports editor/director for all members of his/her organization needing to attend an event. Credentials for freelance photographers and stringers must be requested by the sports editor/director at the outlet the freelancer will be representing. No credentials will be issued outside of the online credentialing system. The KHSAA reserves the right to limit the quantity of credentials issued to media outlets when space is at a premium.

    Failure to adhere to the KHSAA policies and guidelines, as well as unauthorized use of the media credential, […]


    09/04/15 – Reminder about Heat Index/Drones at Competition

    Athletic Department Blog Updates

    This notice is being sent to all member schools and specific licensed officials.

    While we have been blessed with a relatively cool summer, such is likely not to be the case this weekend and early next week. Keep in mind that the Heat Index regulations are always in place, with mandatory recording of temperatures and humidities to determine if any activity needs to change. The quick reference chart is located at but schools as always are responsible for complete policy adherence, not just what is on the chart. 

    For Field Hockey, Soccer, Cross Country, Golf and even Volleyball (if played in a facility without air conditioning), all play must be suspended when the Heat Index reaches 104 degress. When the heat index is above 99, mandatory water breaks every 30 minutes for at least 10 minutes in duration are required, along with all other stipulations in the heat index guidelines. 

    For Football, the threshold temperature for […]


    09/02/15 – KHSAA Sanctions Bell County, Taylor County For Bylaw 23 Violations

    2015-2016 News Releases

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 2, 2015

    The KHSAA has handed down sanctions to Bell County and Taylor County High Schools for violations of Bylaw 23 (Limitation of Seasons) resulting from attendance at a preseason football camp the weekend of August 7.

    During the course of its investigation, the KHSAA found that both Bell County and Taylor County committed the following violations:
    (1) Scrimmaged an opponent for longer than three hours or scrimmaged multiple opponents;
    (2) Failed to provide the requisite rest following full gear practice;
    (3) Exceeded the time limits for contact contained in the Bylaw;
    (4) Exceeded the daily practice time allowable.

    Subsequent to that weekend, Bell County, despite a reminder notice from the KHSAA concerning scrimmage limits, played an additional scrimmage the weekend of August 14. This constituted an additional violation due to the fact that Bell County had a contest scheduled the weekend of […]


    08/29/15 – Reminder about 8 Quarter Participation Limit for Football

    Football Blog Updates

    With the season now in full swing, it is timely to remind all representatives of the football programs about the limit of eight quarters per week (Friday through the following Thursday) for high school football players. While this information has been distributed on multiple occasions to coaches at all levels (grades 9-12), it is again reiterated to prevent the use of ineligible players at any time.

    08/26/15 – Board of Control Reviews Classification and Triennial Survey Results; Approves Several Championship Sites

    2015-2016 News Releases

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 26, 2015

    The KHSAA Board of Control conducted its first meeting of the 2015-16 school year on Monday at the Owensboro Convention Center. Among the many agenda items discussed, the Board executed a lengthy review of its current classification and alignment system for postseason play, and the ramifications of possible expansion of classification to other team sports. This review was requested by the Board after receiving a proposal concerning the classification of baseball and the format of all rounds of the postseason baseball tournament from Lawrence County High School during the 2014-15 school year. Following the receipt of the requested changes from Lawrence County, the Board requested information for a broader review of the issues in classification in the other team sports, not simply a review of baseball.

    During the discussion and review, six major points were concluded when reviewing the situations from other states when compared to the current setup of championships: […]


    08/25/15 – Initial Football, Soccer Statistical Leader Reports Available

    2015-2016 News Releases

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 25, 2015

    The weekly statistical leader reports for football and boys’ and girls’ soccer have been updated at Statistics are compiled weekly throughout the regular season and will be posted to the KHSAA website every Tuesday.

    As a reminder, member schools are solely responsible for submitting statistical information. If a school or individual is omitted, or information is not updated, that means the team in question did not update its statistics through the KHSAA’s online system prior to the deadline.

    Beginning last season, as contained in Bylaw 27, the requirements to enter and maintain rosters, schedules and statistics was enforced more rigorously by the KHSAA. This enforcement subjects member schools to penalties by the Commissioner, including fines and other actions, within the constraints of Bylaw 27.

    The statistical leader reports can be found through the links below:

    Overall Stats Leaders

    Class 1A Stats Leaders

    Class […]


    08/21/15 – Reminder about Statistics Entry – Soccer and Football

    Football Blog Updates

    Game by game statistical entry for teams and individuals is required in the sports of football, basketball and soccer, which will be used to compile a list of statewide leaders, and can also be sent to local media outlets (with only specific schools) upon request.

    For soccer, individual goal scoring and assist categories are the only categories compiled at this time and, therefore, the only required categories for individuals.

    Please note this compilation is a great service to the membership and its student-athletes and is routinely touted by college recruiters as a valued source of information when they contact our office.

    At this time, the software and data infrastructure do not exist for volleyball and field hockey compilation, but this is under development for the 2016-17 season.

    See the note at the end of this post regarding failure to maintain current contest-by-contest statistics.

    Beginning last season, as contained in Bylaw 27, the requirements to enter […]


    08/14//15 – Reminder about Football Scrimmage Limitations

    Football Blog Updates

    This reminder to all school about the unique limit of football scrimmages. This is NOT a new provision, and nothing about this part of Bylaw 23 is new or changed.

    IF you are playing a game week 0 (August 21/22 of this year), you only get ONE scrimmage once contact practice begins. We have had reports of many that scrimmaged weekend of August 7 and have scrimmages planned for weekend of August 14 as well.

    If you do not begin play until week 1, the weekend of August 28, you can have two scrimmages.

    Thanks and best of luck.

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    08/11/15 – Football Rules Clinic Now Available Online

    Football Blog Updates

    The mandatory Online KHSAA Rules Clinic for the sport of Football is available beginning today, August 11. Below is additional information:



    07/31/15 – Reminder about Heat Index as Full Gear FB Practice Begins

    Football Blog Updates

    With tomorrow being the first permissible day for full gear football practice, this notice is important to help minimize risk for the coaches and competitors. While all efforts have been made to ensure gradual phasing in of equipment to allow for proper acclimatization and acclimation, it remains possible that many athletes are not properly acclimatized to the wearing of full gear in hot weather, in spite of practicing the required number of days.

    Out of an abundance of caution, and respect for the safety of the competitors and coaches, as well as game officials in scrimmage situations, schools are reminded that activity reduction or cessation is mandatory at certain levels of heat index at the local venue. Once scrimmages begin over the next couple of weeks, game officials will be encouraged to take the NFHS permissible heat time-outs during each quarter or at the minimum, every 30 minutes of action. 

    Football Coaches and Officials must remember that […]

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    07/23/15 – Football Officials Mechanics Change/Clarification; FBZ Clarification

    Football Blog Updates

    For the 2015 football season, there is a major change in on-field mechanics for officials in four- and five-person coverage, and a reminder about the changes for 2014 kickoff change. At this time, these are the only known mechanics clarification and all officials are expected to otherwise apply only the mechanics in the NFHS Football Officials Manual.


    The Back Judge in a five-person crew (page 27, V, B, 6) is supposed to move to the center of the field after the kick goes downfield. This is important in order to get the Back Judge in his/her normal position as the return begins.  


    Beginning with the 2015 season, the Linesman and Line Judge will be changing sides of the field at halftime for all games using four or five person mechanics. This is not a local option and is required statewide.

    The following changes from the Officials Manual are necessary due to this mechanic:

    Base […]

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    07/10/15 – Reminders as Football Allowable Helmet Period Begins

    2015-2016 News Releases


    With the dead period ending and most of football coaches starting into fall workouts at various times in the coming days, it is timely to remind each of you of the major changes made in football practice and competition rules. 


    From the post on May 18, the forms and their usage. Complete details at FB135 monitors practice restrictions, FB136 monitors each contest (freshman, JV and varsity) to track the eight quarters per week restriction, and FB137 is a pre and postseason verification for school administrators to monitor the requirements.


    Have had several questions regarding the new restriction on quarters played, which will be placed in the football competition rules in the Handbook. As a reminder, as part of the changes, there is now a limit the number of quarters played by each player […]

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    05/18/15 – Board of Control Approves Compliance Forms for Football Revisions

    Athletic Department Blog Updates

    With the approval of the sweeping changes in football contact rules, the Board of Control has approved three forms which are to be used by schools to monitor practice limitations, participation limitations, etc. These forms are NOT to be submitted to the KHSAA at this time, but a random ten (10) percent of the membership will be audited for compliance and penalized under Bylaw 27 if unable to verify that the rules are being followed. 

    The new forms are:

    FB137 – An optional form which may be used by schools and districts to ensure that coaches are aware of the new restrictions. The form allows for a preseason signature by the coaches (all coaches, head and assistant, paid or unpaid) verifying understanding of the USA Football definitions and contact restrictions. The form then also allows for a postseason signature indicated that the rules have been adhered to throughout the season. This form is located at […]

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    05/13/15 – Board of Control Adopts New Football Compliance Forms, Competitive Cheer Regional Rotation

    2014-2015 News Releases


    In an effort to assist its member schools in properly regulating new safety standards in football, the Board of Control adopted new compliance forms during a meeting at the KHSAA headquarters on Wednesday. The new forms will allow member schools to monitor compliance with new player safety restrictions on participation, while certifying awareness with the new measures passing during April’s Board of Control meeting in response to recommendations from the NFHS Task Force.

    In order to ensure the availability of top flight judges at all regional competitive cheer competitions and minimize cross region concerns about competitive advantage, the Board approved a rotation plan for the scheduling of region competitions. The four-year rotation will alternate the order in which regional competitions are held, while ensuring that there are not an excessive number of competitions on any one weekend, and that the services provided to the students competing in competitive cheer are kept […]

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    04/22/15 – Board of Control Approves Recommended Safety Revisions and Future Championship Schedule for Football, Swimming Alignment

    2014-2015 News Releases

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 22, 2015

    The KHSAA Board of Control addressed the NFHS Task Force recommendations on contact restrictions in football during a meeting at the Association’s headquarters on Tuesday, while approving the future order of football championship games and a new swimming alignment beginning in 2015-16.

    The Board approved the revised football contact restrictions to be implemented immediately due to health and safety concerns in response to the NFHS Task Force recommendations released in November. The detailed summary of the revisions is located at At its meeting Tuesday, the Board approved the draft restrictions that had been sent to the membership in March with one staff recommended revision permitting schools, with local school and school system approval, to utilize helmets from June 1 through June 24, provided all activity is on campus, does not involve other schools, is non-contact, and complies with the heat index restrictions.

    The order of football championship games for […]

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    04/22/15-Final Changes Adopted for Football in Response to NFHS Task Force Recommendations

    2014-2015 News Releases

    At its regular meeting on April 21, the KHSAA Board of Control adopted policy changes including emergency changes to the bylaws and policies of the KHSAA related to football practice. The draft of changes was released to the membership in March for comment, for final adoption at this meeting after consideration of member school final remarks. A compliance form is being finalized and once approved by the Board of Control in May, will be distributed to the membership to assist in education coaches and ensuring compliance by all schools.

    After consideration and following considerable feedback from the membership, the Board approved the staff recommendation to make one change from the draft, and allow the wearing of helmets for on campus, non-competitive, non-contact work in June. Specifically, from June 1 through June 24, the following provisions will be in place (different from the original draft): a) Schools may not issue football equipment included in NFHS Rule 1-5 other […]

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    04/22/15-Football Equipment Timelines

    Athletic Department Blog Updates

    Below is an interpretative listing of the various equipment periods. Any conflict with Bylaw 23, Section 6 (Football) will yield to the Bylaw 23 section for enforcement :


    (1) Acclimatization and Acclimation Starting July 10

  • July 10, First date of OFFICIAL practice in helmet only. Only Level 0 – “Air” and Level 1 – “Bags” drills can be conducted. The catastrophic insurance is in place for these drills and practice sessions. Heat index monitoring guidelines must be complied with during any activity. 
  • July 22, First date of practice in shells (shorts, helmets, shoulder pads) for each player who has had at least five days in helmets only. Only Level 0 – “Air”, Level 1 – “Bags” and Level 2 – “Control” drills can be conducted. The catastrophic insurance is in place for these drills and practice sessions. Heat index monitoring guidelines must be complied with during any activity.
  • August […]


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