01/29/15 – Frequently Asked Questions – Archery Competition (revised 1/15)

January 29, 2015 Archery Blog Updates


Frequently Asked Questions (as of January, 2015)

This list may be updated as topics or information arises. 


Is the KHSAA now sponsoring an Archery championship?

Yes. Competition is held in a single division, with appropriate assignments to regions each year once participation numbers are determined.

With the KHSAA now sponsoring an Archery championship, does that make Archery exactly the same as all other sports and activities within the school?

The management of individual teams within a school is a local decision. School administrators will decide about issues such as compensation, travel allowances and other benefits in compliance with federal, state and locally adopted policies. Nothing about the KHSAA adding this sport activity makes anything “automatic” within a school or school district.

The KHSAA has deliberately drawn a distinction between sports and sport-activities to make sure that the positive aspects of making the activity available isn’t somehow overshadowed by local policy concerns and pressures. For that region, there has only been developed a “season window” and not limited contests or scrimmages. In this manner, the Association can be primarily focused only on sponsoring an event at the region and state levels. It is important to keep sports and sport-activities on a separate path to allow the schools and districts to deal with interest groups and the pressure that can somehow be exerted over such things as budget and salary.

How is Archery managed within the KHSAA?

The Commissioner has appointed an Assistant Commissioner ( Michael Barren) to be the day-to-day liaison for Archery within the office. The KHSAA will partner with KY NASP to continue to develop Archery in Kentucky.

An Advisory committee will also be appointed by the Commissioner to help with the implementation and management of the championship. This committee may be divided into sub-committees to perform various functions throughout the year related to the championships. The names and demographic information about the Advisory Committee will be posted on the KHSAA web site.

Where are all of the rules about the Archery championship?

Rules are published in the Handbook, placed on the KHSAA web site, and distributed to all member schools.

Any discussion that necessitates an amendment to the KHSAA Constitution or Bylaws will be properly submitted through the Board of Control and appear on the agenda of the Annual Meeting of the member schools in September.

Is a school required to offer the KY NASP program as part of the curriculum in order for the students to participate?

No. While the KY NASP program is an outstanding element within the school curriculum, and allows for the purchase of much of the equipment to be done as instructional supplies, it is not required. It may be that member schools choose only to have the team for region and state competition and not have the NASP program within the curriculum.

What are some requirements of students?

Students must be properly enrolled as a full-time student (minimum four hours of instruction) in a member school in order to represent that school in the Archery competition. There is no licensing requirement at this time.

What about insurance for Archery?

The schools and students will be responsible for any equipment related insurance and other necessary insurance just as in any other sport or sport activity the KHSAA conducts. All member schools are reminded to take precautionary steps to ensure that all equipment and product safety risk measures are taken including insurance coverage. KY NASP is working with NASP to develop an additional insurance plan to assist the member schools should it be desired. If such a plan is developed, details will be provided to the member schools.

The KHSAA will also have catastrophic coverage for both the regional and state tournaments.


When is the first date of practice in order to be covered by catastrophic insurance?

The first organized practice date for insurance purposes will be October 15

What is the maximum number of Archery competitions?

There will be no maximum number of competitions as this sport activity will not have a specifically defined season due to its classification as a sport-activity.

When does the defined Archery season end?

The defined season ends for the purpose of catastrophic insurance for Archery with the State Championship. For insurance purposes, the opportunity to participate in regular season contests shall end at all levels of play (grades 9-12) on the day prior to the first day for varsity level competition in KHSAA sanctioned postseason events, with the exception that the varsity team may practice and play through its elimination from KHSAA sanctioned tournament play. Following elimination, there shall be no further official practice or play during the remainder of the academic school year.

Are Archery participants permitted to compete in outside events before the season and after the season, but during the school year?

Yes. There are no restrictions on outside competition, but the KHSAA Catastrophic insurance is not in force during those periods before and after the defined season.

Will there be a limit on team size for Archery?

No. There are not team size limits in any KHSAA sport or sport-activity. However, individual competitions  limit the number of competitors in a given division or within a defined competition area. 

Are home school students allowed to compete for a KHSAA member school?

No. Only full-time enrolled students may compete for KHSAA awards. 

Are single sex schools allowed to compete? 

Archery is a coed sport-activity, teams can be made up of any number of members of both or either gender. 

Which KHSAA Bylaws ARE applicable to Archery?

Currently, the following KHSAA Bylaws apply to Archery teams and all other sport activities –

Bylaw 1 (Responsibility for Eligibility);

Bylaw 2 (Age, per state law);

Bylaw 4 (Enrollment Requirements );

Bylaw 5 (Minimum Academic Requirement);

Bylaw 12 (Physician’s & Parental Consent Form and Insurance requirement);

Bylaw 14 (Other eligibility Requirements And Regulations);

Bylaw 15 (Practice of Sportsmanship);

Bylaw 16 ( Recruiting/undue Influence);

Bylaw 17 (Certification of Eligibility);

Bylaw 18 (Submission of Reports);

Bylaw 21 (Protests);

Bylaw 23 (Limitation of Season);

Bylaw 24 (Summer Activities);

Bylaw 25 (Coaching Requirements);

Bylaw 26 ( Request for Rulings);

Bylaw 27 (Penalties)

Which KHSAA Bylaws ARE NOT applicable to Archery?

Bylaw 3 (4 year limit);

Bylaw 6 (Domestic Transfers);

Bylaw 7 (Foreign Exchange Students);

Bylaw 8 (Non Exchange Foreign Students);

Bylaw 9 (Contestant on Other Teams);

Bylaw 10 (Amateur and Awards);

Bylaw 11 (Financial Aid);

Bylaw 13 (Agreement regarding professional baseball);

Bylaw 19 (Comparable Opportunities);

Bylaw 20 (Use of Licensed Officials);

Bylaw 22 (Contest/Sanctioning)


Competition Rules (Bylaw 12)

Archery competitors are to fully comply with KHSAA Bylaw 12 which requires both a parental permission slip and physician clearance (permissible only by using KHSAA Form GE04) and must carry medical insurance with a minimum $25,000 medical maximum.

Competition Rules (Bylaw 22)

Unless and until the NFHS addresses the issue of playing rules, Bylaw 22 will have no practical application to Archery. The KHSAA will designate the appropriate competition rules to be used in the region and state championships. Those rules will be the competition rules of KY NASP until further notice.

Sanctioning/Out of State Travel (Bylaw 22)

As a practical matter, Bylaw 22 related to sanctioning does not apply to Archery.

Coaches Requirements (Bylaw 25)

All Coaches must meet KHSAA Bylaw 25 Minimum Coaching Requirements including NFHS coach education requirements, Sports Safety & Concussion, KHSAA Rules Clinic. This includes faculty and non-faculty coaches and any other individual involved in Archery-specific training and these individuals must be listed on the KHSAA Coaching Registry. The KY NASP Instructor training (BAI) will be allowed to substitute equally for the NFHS Coaching Education requirements.


Who will assign the judges/officials for Region/State?

Judges/Officials will be assigned by the KHSAA through KY NASP.

Who will train judges?

Judges will be trained for the KHSAA events with assistance by and instructions by KY NASP.


When are KHSAA Region Archery Competitions held?

Region competitions will be held at dates established within the regions, for 2015, they will be held between March 7th  and April 11th.

Who will select and manage the region competitions?

The final assignments for site selection will be made by the KHSAA . These individuals will be listed on the KHSAA web site.

What is the entry fee for region competition?

There is no  entry fee to participate in a KHSAA competition. 

How are funds to be divided from Region Competitions?

If there are any surplus funds from ticket receipts at region competitions, funds from these ticket receipts from region competitions shall be divided based upon agreement of the schools in the region. Should a written policy not be in place, they shall be divided evenly following expenses.

What are the competitions divisions for the Archery championships?

All competition will be in one division (not divided into enrollment classes) and gender based award recognition will be given.

What awards are issued by KHSAA at the Region and State Tournaments?

The KHSAA will give awards to the first and second place team, and the four  individuals (boys or girls) at each region tournament.  The KHSAA will give awards to the first, second and third place teams and the top eight individual (boy or girl) finishers at the state tournament.

How does a school enter the Archery Tournament?

Each school may enter online in the school subsystem that your school will enter a team for the Archery tournament. School commitments to enter a team should be submitted by October 1, 2014  to allow for planning of the Archery State Tournament.


When is the 2015 KHSAA State Archery Competition?

The 2015 KHSAA State Archery Competition will be held  April 23rd, at the Kentucky Basketball Academy in Lexington KY.

Who advances to State Competition?

1) The winning and runner-up team at each regional competition
shall advance to the state competition.
2) In regions with sixteen (16) or more full teams entering and
shooting at the region, three teams shall advance to the State
3) In addition, any individual (boy or girl) finishing in the top three
(3) at each regional competition that is not advancing with a
team shall advance to the state competition as an individual.
4) A team will comprise of a minimum of 16 total shooters for that
school. A school may shoot up to 24 at the region, but only the
top 16 would score for team and advance to state.

Withdrawal from the State Competition

Any school that participates in the region competition and then withdraws from the state competition after having qualified will be ineligible to enter the region competition for a period of not less than two years.