Lacrosse (Girls) (HTM)

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KHSAA Current Master List of Girls Lacrosse Coaches as of Wednesday June 28th 2017 03:53 PM

School                              City                 Name                                               
Assumption Louisville Jason Curran Atherton Louisville Alan Rubin Bryan Station Lexington Jeana Gilles Christian Academy-Louisville Louisville Jacqueline Anderson Collins Shelbyville John Stratton DuPont Manual Louisville Dean A. Walker Eastern Louisville Rylee E. Huffman Kentucky Country Day Louisville Patrick McAnulty Louisville Collegiate Louisville Liz Ratliff Male Louisville Fred M. Reeves Mercy Louisville Tom Hill North Oldham Goshen Betty Jean Cobb Oldham County Buckner Jimmy Conklin Presentation Louisville Katherine P. Halbleib Sacred Heart Louisville Andrea Merchak South Oldham Crestwood Bob Newton, Sr. 16 records printed