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The Kentucky High School Athletic Association requires officials to enforce sportsmanship rules for athletes and coaches. We will not tolerate negative statements or actions between opposing players, especially trash-talking, taunting or baiting of opponents.

If such comments are heard or actions seen, a penalty will be assessed immediately. We have been instructed not to issue warnings. Let today’s contest reflect mutual respect.

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KHSAA Sportsmanship Statement for Officials

The National High School Federation and your state association require officials to enforce sportsmanship rules. High school athletics emphasize positive values. All of us have worked hard to create a sense of teamwork, respect, responsibility and perspective.

We remind you that we expect good behavior and will quickly penalize misconduct. We encourage and appreciate your help. Let this competition reflect mutual respect among all participants and officials. Coaches please certify that your players are legally equipped and uniformed according to NFHS rules. Good luck and have a great contest!

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