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9/1/12 – Clarifications on Insurance for Bass Fishing

September 1, 2012 Bass Fishing Blog Updates


TO Whom It May Concern:
From: Mark Gintert, Student Angle Foundation

Concerning insurance coverage for our SAF anglers.
Here is my usual answer to schools around the country who also ask this question of us.

First here is a link to an Insurance FAQ sheet that will help most everyone. This can be found on our web site under the downloads and forms section.

Coverage begins for our anglers and their club once they have completed their rosters and sent their $25 SAF member dues into the TBF. This can all be done electronically through our web site

They can continually add members to their roster at any time but the coverage begins when that base 6 member club roster and dues are received.

Our Insurance coverage is a three part coverage provided by K&K through our carrier. We insure over 20,000 events a year with them so they know us pretty well.

Part 1 provides all of our SAF members, the club officers and most importantly any volunteer who comes out and assists with a regularly scheduled club event $1,000,0000 in coverage for each occurance. So this will cover not only the students but all of your volunteer boaters as long as it is for a regularly scheduled club event. (If they just take some HS kids out fishing on a sautrday it will not cover them unless it is a scheduled club event)

Now we can have the school named as an additionaly insured party by filling out the request form also located on the forms and downloads section of our web site or by clicking on the following link.

So if a school wants to host an invitational event they can certainly add their name to the additionally insured list and have coverage for that event.

Part 2 provides $25,000 in excess medical insurance for any regularly scheduled club event. This covers items like a participant, spectator or volunteer spraining an ankle or suffering some type of injury that needs medical attention while at an event.

Part 3 provides $10,000 in Death or Dismemberment coverage. I don’t highlight this a lot because I don’t want to put that thought in peoples mind when dealing with a School but the coverage is there in the case of this type of accident.

When you combine this coverage with all of the other benefits that the SAF membership provides I think your member schools will find that this is the greatest value in youth sports around the country. Add to that the volunteer and equipment base that the TBF/FLW have in almost every state and the SAF program is pretty hard to beat!

Please let me know if you need any more information than this and if so please do not hesitate to contact me at any time or send your member schools my way with any specific questions.

Thanks again and I look forward to attending the upcoming AD meeting in Lexington.

Mark Gintert
TBF National Youth Director