2nd Quarter Play-by-Play

  Date: Dec 04, 2009 • Site: BOWLING GREEN, KY

2nd Quarter Play-by-Play
High 2-2on Jhardin38Start of 2nd quarter, clock 12:00.
High 2-2on Jhardin38[SHOT], PENALTY JHARDIN offside defense (HUSTIN TAYLOR) 5 yards to the JHARDIN33, 1ST DOWN HIGH, NO PLAY.
High 1-10on Jhardin33[SHOT], A. COLLINSWORTH rush for 2 yards to the JHARDIN31 (DAMIEN BIGGS).
High 2-8on Jhardin31[SHOT], A. COLLINSWORTH rush for 7 yards to the JHARDIN24 (MICH. LAWRENCE;HUSTIN TAYLOR).
High 3-1on Jhardin24[SHOT], A. COLLINSWORTH rush for loss of 1 yard to the JHARDIN25 (SAMMY SMITH).
High 4-2on Jhardin25[SHOT], WILL BARDO rush for 5 yards to the JHARDIN20, 1ST DOWN HIGH (MICH. LAWRENCE).
High 1-10on Jhardin20[SHOT], TYLER FENNELL rush for 8 yards to the JHARDIN12 (RAHEEM NEWSOME).
High 2-2on Jhardin12[SHOT], A. COLLINSWORTH rush for 12 yards to the JHARDIN0, 1ST DOWN HIGH, TOUCHDOWN, clock 08:54.
ADAM WEINEL kick attempt good.
 Drive: 7 plays, 46 yards, TOP 3:37
ADAM WEINEL kickoff 60 yards to the JHARDIN0, touchback.
Jhardin 1-10on Jhardin20JOHN HARDIN drive start at 08:54.
Jhardin 1-10on Jhardin20DARRELL ALSTON rush for 3 yards to the JHARDIN23 (COREY COMPTON).
Jhardin 2-7on Jhardin23LANDON SAVOY rush for loss of 3 yards to the JHARDIN20 (TRAVIS ALFORD).
Jhardin 3-10on Jhardin20[SHOT], ALEX DINGLE pass intercepted by DRAKE BRUNS at the JHARDIN30, DRAKE BRUNS return 15 yards to the JHARDIN15, PENALTY JHARDIN illegal motion declined.
 Drive: 3 plays, 0 yards, TOP 1:19
High 1-10on Jhardin15HIGHLANDS drive start at 07:35.
High 1-10on Jhardin15[SHOT], TYLER FENNELL rush for no gain to the JHARDIN15 (DAMIEN BIGGS).
High 2-10on Jhardin15[SHOT], A. COLLINSWORTH rush for 11 yards to the JHARDIN4, 1ST DOWN HIGH (ZED COFER).
High 1-Gon Jhardin04[SHOT], A. COLLINSWORTH rush for 4 yards to the JHARDIN0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 06:34.
ADAM WEINEL kick attempt good.
 Drive: 3 plays, 15 yards, TOP 1:01
ADAM WEINEL kickoff 58 yards to the JHARDIN2, LANDON SAVOY return 21 yards to the JHARDIN23 (AUSTIN BOWLING).
Jhardin 1-10on Jhardin23JOHN HARDIN drive start at 06:28.
Jhardin 1-10on Jhardin23MICHAEL WRIGHT rush for 12 yards to the JHARDIN35, 1ST DOWN JHARDIN (JOSH QUILLEN).
Jhardin 1-10on Jhardin35LANDON SAVOY rush for 3 yards to the JHARDIN38 (DRAKE BRUNS).
Jhardin 2-7on Jhardin38MICHAEL WRIGHT rush for 6 yards to the JHARDIN44 (DRAKE BRUNS;COL. ROSENHAGEN).
Jhardin 3-1on Jhardin44DARRELL ALSTON rush for 4 yards to the JHARDIN48, 1ST DOWN JHARDIN (JUSTIN JOHNSTON;COL. ROSENHAGEN).
Jhardin 1-10on Jhardin48MICHAEL WRIGHT rush for 1 yard to the JHARDIN49 (AUSTIN ABNER).
Jhardin 2-9on Jhardin49ALEX DINGLE pass incomplete, QB hurry by CAMERON DIERIG.
Jhardin 3-9on Jhardin49ALEX DINGLE pass incomplete to AUSTIN OLDHAM.
Jhardin 4-9on Jhardin49ERIK KRIVITSKY punt 32 yards to the HIGH19, DANIEL GOLD return 15 yards to the HIGH34 (SAMMY SMITH).
 Drive: 7 plays, 26 yards, TOP 2:21
High 1-10on High34HIGHLANDS drive start at 04:07.
High 1-10on High34[SHOT], A. COLLINSWORTH rush for 4 yards to the HIGH38 (MATT LINTON).
High 2-6on High38A. COLLINSWORTH rush for 10 yards to the HIGH48, 1ST DOWN HIGH (DAMIEN BIGGS;STANLEY JOHNSON).
High 1-10on Jhardin27[SHOT], A. COLLINSWORTH rush for 5 yards to the JHARDIN22 (KALUEN MARLOW).
High 2-5on Jhardin22TYLER FENNELL rush to the JHARDIN18, fumble forced by DAMIEN BIGGS, fumble by TYLER FENNELL recovered by JHARDIN SAMMY SMITH at JHARDIN16.
 Drive: 5 plays, 50 yards, TOP 2:08
Jhardin 1-10on Jhardin16JOHN HARDIN drive start at 01:59.
Jhardin 1-10on Jhardin16DARRELL ALSTON rush for 23 yards to the JHARDIN39, 1ST DOWN JHARDIN (BIL. HUDDLESTON).
Jhardin 1-10on Jhardin39DARRELL ALSTON rush for 6 yards to the JHARDIN45 (COL. ROSENHAGEN;BRANDON ROLLER).
Jhardin 2-4on Jhardin45Timeout JOHN HARDIN, clock 01:36.
Jhardin 2-4on Jhardin45LANDON SAVOY rush for 9 yards to the HIGH46, 1ST DOWN JHARDIN (CAMERON DIERIG).
Jhardin 1-10on High46LANDON SAVOY rush for 6 yards to the HIGH40 (COREY COMPTON).
Jhardin 2-4on High40ALEX DINGLE pass complete to MATT SIMMONS for 27 yards to the HIGH13, 1ST DOWN JHARDIN (TY SEIDL).
Jhardin 1-10on High13Timeout HIGHLANDS, clock 00:53.
Jhardin 1-10on High13[SHOT], ALEX DINGLE pass complete to JEREMY HARNESS for 10 yards to the HIGH3, 1ST DOWN JHARDIN (COL. ROSENHAGEN).
Jhardin 1-Gon High03ALEX DINGLE rush to the HIGH5, fumble by ALEX DINGLE recovered by HIGH MARK SNYDER at HIGH5.
 Drive: 7 plays, 79 yards, TOP 1:24
High 1-10on High05HIGHLANDS drive start at 00:35.
High 1-10on High05TEAM rush for no gain to the HIGH5.
High 2-10on High05End of half, clock 00:00.