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Email/Phone Policy


As of July 1, 2006 the KHSAA Executive Staff will no longer take calls from parents and students about eligibility and other KHSAA regulations. In addition, the KHSAA staff must prioritize responses to the member schools as it tries to balance an effective workload.

Reason For the Policy – The KHSAA needs your help in addressing a serious problem. The KHSAA staff receives hundreds of telephone calls and e-mails every week from our member schools. Because the KHSAA exists to serve those schools, responding to their inquiries must be our top priority. The large volume of calls and emails from parents and students is dramatically affecting our ability to serve our member schools.

Solution For Parents and Students – School principals or athletic administrators have always been the first and preferred contact resource for parents and students. This KHSAA policy reinforces school personnel as the source to whom parents and students must direct their questions. As always, if a school administrator needs assistance in answering a question, they will contact a KHSAA administrator for a “final answer” and then pass it along to the parent or student.

The KHSAA understands that parent and student questions are important. We thank you for your understanding and for supporting our commitment to high quality service directly to our member schools, and through schools, to parents and students. This approach will ultimately be best for everyone involved.