HHS   Qtr   CC  
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total
HIGHLANDS 7 8 - - 15
15     9  
  0   Timeouts
  HHS 0-Goal on HHS0 Drive: 1 play, 0 yards, Used 0:00
2nd Quarter Play-by-Play
Cc 2-10on Cc43End of half, clock 00:00.
Cc 1-10on Cc43VASHUN BANKS rush for no gain to the CC43 (MICHAEL LABER).
Cc 1-10on Cc43Timeout HIGHLANDS, clock 00:00.
Cc 1-10on Cc43CHRISTIAN COUNTY drive start at 00:00 (2nd).
K. ROSENHAGEN kickoff 33 yards to the CC27, ANTH. BUCKNER return 11 yards to the CC38 (COREY COMPTON), PENALTY HHS face mask 5 yards to the CC43, 1st and 10, CC ball on CC43.
 Drive: 2 plays, 60 yards, TOP 0:22
JOSH CONNER rush attempt good.
Hhs 1-10on Cc13[SHOT], TONY GUIDUGLI pass complete to DANIEL GOLD for 13 yards to the CC0, 1ST DOWN HHS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:06.
Hhs 1-10on Cc13Timeout HIGHLANDS, clock 00:20.
Hhs 1-10on Hhs40[SHOT], TONY GUIDUGLI pass complete to A. COLLINSWORTH for 47 yards to the CC13, 1ST DOWN HHS (JORDAN MANNING).
Hhs 1-10on Hhs40HIGHLANDS drive start at 00:28 (2nd).
DARRIN HORN kickoff 29 yards to the HHS31, DANIEL GOLD return 9 yards to the HHS40 (DQUIN. FRYERSON).
 Drive: 6 plays, 9 yards, TOP 1:50
Cc 4-Gon Hhs13JOSH KNIGHT field goal attempt from 29 GOOD, clock 00:33.
Cc 3-Gon Hhs13[SHOT], JAMES BAUER pass incomplete to DAVID WALLACE.
Cc 2-Gon Hhs13JAMES BAUER pass incomplete to DRE. KILLEBREW (NICK MARTIN).
Cc 1-Gon Hhs10VASHUN BANKS rush for loss of 3 yards to the HHS13 (MICHAEL LABER).
Cc 2-9on Hhs21JAMES BAUER pass complete to DAVID WALLACE for 11 yards to the HHS10, 1ST DOWN CC (OLIVER HEAD).
Cc 1-10on Hhs22ANTHONY HICKEY rush for 1 yard to the HHS21 (MICHAEL LABER;K. ROSENHAGEN).
Cc 1-10on Hhs22CHRISTIAN COUNTY drive start at 02:23 (2nd).
 Drive: 3 plays, 2 yards, TOP 0:00
Hhs 2-19on Hhs11[SHOT], JOSH CONNER rush to the HHS18, fumble forced by DARRYL DOBSON, fumble by JOSH CONNER recovered by CC JORDAN MANNING at HHS22.
Hhs 1-15on Hhs15[SHOT], TONY GUIDUGLI sacked for loss of 4 yards to the HHS11 (ADRIAN BOOKER).
Hhs 1-15on Hhs15Timeout HIGHLANDS, clock 03:13.
Hhs 1-10on Hhs20PENALTY HHS false start 5 yards to the HHS15.
Hhs 1-10on Hhs201st and 10.
Hhs 1-10on Hhs20A. COLLINSWORTH rush for 10 yards to the HHS30 (BUBBA TANDY), PENALTY HHS holding 10 yards to the HHS20.
 Drive: 19 plays, 60 yards, TOP 9:51
Cc 4-Gon Hhs15JOSH KNIGHT field goal attempt from 32 MISSED - short, spot at HHS20, clock 03:58.
Cc 3-Gon Hhs08JAMES BAUER sacked for loss of 7 yards to the HHS15 (ADAM DEMPSEY).
Cc 2-Gon Hhs10[SHOT], VASHUN BANKS rush for 2 yards to the HHS8 (JOSH CONNER).
Cc 1-Gon Hhs09[SHOT], VASHUN BANKS rush for loss of 1 yard to the HHS10 (K. ROSENHAGEN).
Cc 4-3on Hhs13JAMES BAUER rush for 4 yards to the HHS9, 1ST DOWN CC (JOSH CONNER).
Cc 4-3on Hhs13Timeout CHRISTIAN COUNTY, clock 06:29.
Cc 3-8on Hhs18JAMES BAUER rush for 5 yards to the HHS13 (OLIVER HEAD).
Cc 2-8on Hhs18JAMES BAUER pass incomplete to BUBBA TANDY.
Cc 1-10on Hhs20VASHUN BANKS rush for 2 yards to the HHS18 (NICK MARTIN).
Cc 4-6on Hhs26JAMES BAUER pass complete to BUBBA TANDY for 6 yards to the HHS20, 1ST DOWN CC.
Cc 3-15on Hhs35JAMES BAUER pass complete to BUBBA TANDY for 9 yards to the HHS26 (NICK MARTIN).
Cc 2-10on Hhs30[SHOT], JAMES BAUER sacked for loss of 5 yards to the HHS35 (ADAM DEMPSEY).
Cc 1-10on Hhs30[SHOT], JAMES BAUER rush for no gain to the HHS30 (MICHAEL LABER).
Cc 2-10on Hhs44[SHOT], JAMES BAUER pass complete to BUBBA TANDY for 14 yards to the HHS30, 1ST DOWN CC, out-of-bounds (A. COLLINSWORTH).
Cc 1-10on Hhs44[SHOT], JAMES BAUER pass incomplete to DAVID WALLACE.
Cc 2-1on Cc49[SHOT], VASHUN BANKS rush for 7 yards to the HHS44, 1ST DOWN CC (MICHAEL LABER;JAKE TURNER).
Cc 1-10on Cc40[SHOT], VASHUN BANKS rush for 9 yards to the CC49 (NICK MARTIN).
Cc 3-10on Cc25[SHOT], JAMES BAUER rush for 15 yards to the CC40, 1ST DOWN CC (BLAKE NEWMAN;MICHAEL LABER).
Cc 2-10on Cc25JAMES BAUER pass incomplete (ADAM DEMPSEY).
Cc 2-10on Cc25Start of 2nd quarter, clock 12:00.