4th Quarter Play-by-Play

  Date: Dec 05, 2009 • Site: BOWLING GREEN, KY

4th Quarter Play-by-Play
Lca 2-3on Lca46Start of 4th quarter, clock 12:00.
Lca 2-3on Lca46[SHOT], DOM. HAYDEN rush for 6 yards to the MAYFIELD48 (MATTHEW SHULTZ;JON. JACKSON), PENALTY LCA illegal block 15 yards to the LCA31, NO PLAY.
Lca 2-18on Lca31[SHOT], LUCAS WITT pass complete to DOM. HAYDEN for 17 yards to the LCA48 (DEVIN JONES;SHAIN ROSS).
Lca 3-1on Lca48[SHOT], DOM. HAYDEN rush for 2 yards to the 50 yardline, 1ST DOWN LCA (MATTHEW SHULTZ).
Lca 1-10on Lca50[SHOT], LUCAS WITT pass complete to BRAN. BURDETTE for 12 yards to the MAYFIELD38, 1ST DOWN LCA (JAV. RICHARDSON).
Lca 1-10on Mayfield38[SHOT], LUCAS WITT rush for 38 yards to the MAYFIELD0, 1ST DOWN LCA, TOUCHDOWN, clock 10:54.
CHAZ WITT kick attempt failed.
 Drive: 5 plays, 61 yards, TOP 1:20
CHAZ WITT kickoff 25 yards to the MAYFIELD35, CLAY SWEATMAN return 8 yards to the MAYFIELD43 (CHRIS. FIELDEN).
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield43MAYFIELD drive start at 10:47.
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield43[SHOT], LUKE GUHY pass complete to JAV. RICHARDSON to the MAYFIELD44, fumble forced by CLAY MOSSBARGER, fumble by JAV. RICHARDSON recovered by MAYFIELD TEAM at MAYFIELD46.
Mayfield2-7on Mayfield46DECOLE NOONAN rush for 12 yards to the LCA42, 1ST DOWN MAYFIELD (ADAM HALL;SCOUT McCAMY).
Mayfield1-10on Lca42[SHOT], TYREESE MURRELL rush for 2 yards to the LCA40 (CHASE FAIRCHILD).
Mayfield2-8on Lca40[SHOT], LUKE GUHY pass incomplete to XAVIER SHELTON.
Mayfield3-8on Lca40[SHOT], LUKE GUHY pass complete to JAV. RICHARDSON for 2 yards to the LCA38 (CHASE FAIRCHILD;CHAD HALL).
Mayfield4-6on Lca38[SHOT], LUKE GUHY pass complete to WILL.HIGGINGSON for 5 yards to the LCA33 (DREW WALLS).
 Drive: 6 plays, 24 yards, TOP 2:26
Lca 1-10on Lca33LCA drive start at 08:21.
Lca 1-10on Lca33DOM. HAYDEN rush for 5 yards to the LCA38 (TAYLOR SULLIVAN;MATTHEW SHULTZ).
Lca 2-5on Lca38DOM. HAYDEN rush for 16 yards to the MAYFIELD46, 1ST DOWN LCA (BRYANT CARDENES).
Lca 1-10on Mayfield46WILL COLLINS rush for 17 yards to the MAYFIELD29, 1ST DOWN LCA (JAV. RICHARDSON;TYREESE MURRELL).
Lca 1-10on Mayfield29WILL COLLINS rush for 3 yards to the MAYFIELD26 (JAMAUDE NOONAN).
Lca 2-7on Mayfield26WILL COLLINS rush for 5 yards to the MAYFIELD21 (SHAIN ROSS;BRYANT CARDENES).
Lca 3-2on Mayfield21[SHOT], DOM. HAYDEN rush for 4 yards to the MAYFIELD17, 1ST DOWN LCA (BRYANT CARDENES;JANTZEN JONES).
Lca 1-10on Mayfield17[SHOT], WILL COLLINS rush for loss of 1 yard to the MAYFIELD18 (JANTZEN JONES;BRYANT CARDENES).
Lca 2-11on Mayfield18[SHOT], DOM. HAYDEN rush for 9 yards to the MAYFIELD9 (WILL.HIGGINGSON).
Lca 3-2on Mayfield09LUCAS WITT pass incomplete to MAX BARJUCA.
Lca 4-2on Mayfield09WILL COLLINS rush for 2 yards to the MAYFIELD7, 1ST DOWN LCA (JANTZEN JONES).
Lca 1-Gon Mayfield07WILL COLLINS rush for no gain to the MAYFIELD7 (JANTZEN JONES).
Lca 2-Gon Mayfield07WILL COLLINS rush for 6 yards to the MAYFIELD1 (JAV. RICHARDSON;JON. JACKSON).
Lca 3-Gon Mayfield01WILL COLLINS rush for 1 yard to the MAYFIELD0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 01:07.
CHAZ WITT kick attempt good.
 Drive: 13 plays, 67 yards, TOP 7:14
CHAZ WITT kickoff 26 yards to the MAYFIELD34, CLAY SWEATMAN return 10 yards to the MAYFIELD44 (CHAZ WITT;BRANDT REDMON).
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield44MAYFIELD drive start at 00:59.
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield44[SHOT], TYREESE MURRELL rush for 5 yards to the MAYFIELD49 (CLAY MOSSBARGER).
Mayfield2-5on Mayfield49[SHOT], TYREESE MURRELL rush for 8 yards to the LCA43, 1ST DOWN MAYFIELD (ADAM HALL).
Mayfield1-10on Lca43End of game, clock 00:00.
 Drive: 2 plays, 13 yards, TOP 0:59