1st Quarter Play-by-Play

  Date: Dec 03, 2011 • Site: BOWLING GREEN, KY

1st Quarter Play-by-Play
Central 1-10on Central40BELFRY ball on BELFRY40.
GARRETT DUTY kickoff 37 yards to the CENTRAL23, TAE SHAWN GIBBS return 17 yards to the CENTRAL40 (RICKY SLONE).
Central 1-10on Central40[SHOT], TAJH MILLIKEN pass complete to TAE SHAWN GIBBS for 45 yards to the BELFRY15, 1ST DOWN CENTRAL (SANI WARREN).
Central 1-10on Belfry15ANTHONY WALES rush for loss of 6 yards to the BELFRY21 (HOWIE DOTSON;MAD. GHORMLEY).
Central 2-16on Belfry21ANTHONY WALES rush for 5 yards to the BELFRY16, out-of-bounds (JOSH DIXON;PAYTON MULLINS).
Central 3-11on Belfry16[SHOT], TAJH MILLIKEN rush for 4 yards to the BELFRY12 (HOWIE DOTSON).
Central 4-7on Belfry12MUSA KAMARA field goal attempt from 29 GOOD, clock 09:41.
 Drive: 5 plays, 48 yards, TOP 2:19
MUSA KAMARA kickoff 60 yards to the BELFRY0, touchback.
Belfry 1-10on Belfry20BELFRY drive start at 09:41.
Belfry 1-10on Belfry20JUSTIN JOHNSON rush for 2 yards to the BELFRY22 (KORRY CORNELIUS).
Belfry 2-8on Belfry22JUSTIN JOHNSON rush for loss of 1 yard to the BELFRY21 (D TARRANCE).
Belfry 3-9on Belfry21JOSH ROBINSON rush for 1 yard to the BELFRY22 (DONALD STYLES;PHILLIP FRANCIS).
Belfry 4-8on Belfry22GARRETT DUTY punt 26 yards to the BELFRY48, downed.
 Drive: 3 plays, 2 yards, TOP 2:01
Central 1-10on Belfry48CENTRAL drive start at 07:40.
Central 1-10on Belfry48DERIS COX rush for 6 yards to the BELFRY42 (TONY MESSER).
Central 2-4on Belfry42DERIS COX rush for 3 yards to the BELFRY39 (MAD. GHORMLEY).
Central 3-1on Belfry39DERIS COX rush for 2 yards to the BELFRY37, 1ST DOWN CENTRAL (MAD. GHORMLEY).
Central 1-10on Belfry37TYREE HUGHLEY rush for 4 yards to the BELFRY33, fumble by TYREE HUGHLEY recovered by BELFRY SANI WARREN at BELFRY23.
 Drive: 4 plays, 25 yards, TOP 1:52
Belfry 1-10on Belfry23BELFRY drive start at 05:48.
Belfry 1-10on Belfry23TREY WILLIS rush for 6 yards to the BELFRY29 (JORDAN THURMAN).
Belfry 2-4on Belfry29PENALTY BELFRY false start 5 yards to the BELFRY24.
Belfry 2-9on Belfry24TYLER WILLIAMS rush for 3 yards to the BELFRY27 (PHILLIP FRANCIS).
Belfry 3-6on Belfry27JUSTIN JOHNSON rush for loss of 1 yard to the BELFRY26 (KORRY CORNELIUS).
Belfry 4-7on Belfry26PENALTY BELFRY false start 5 yards to the BELFRY21.
Belfry 4-12on Belfry21GARRETT DUTY punt 33 yards to the CENTRAL46, out-of-bounds.
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 2 yards, TOP 2:19
Central 1-10on Central46CENTRAL drive start at 03:29.
Central 1-10on Central46DERIS COX rush for no gain to the CENTRAL46.
Central 2-10on Central46[SHOT], TAJH MILLIKEN pass incomplete to DERIUS JONES (JOSH ROBINSON).
Central 3-10on Central46[SHOT], TAJH MILLIKEN rush for 7 yards to the BELFRY47 (HOWIE DOTSON).
Central 4-3on Belfry47PENALTY CENTRAL delay of game 5 yards to the CENTRAL48.
Central 4-8on Central48DEVONTE YELDER punt 49 yards to the BELFRY3, downed.
 Drive: 3 plays, 2 yards, TOP 1:46
Belfry 1-10on Belfry03BELFRY drive start at 01:43.
Belfry 1-10on Belfry03JOSH DIXON rush for loss of 2 yards to the BELFRY1 (DONALD STYLES).
Belfry 2-12on Belfry01TREY WILLIS rush for 4 yards to the BELFRY5 (MASHILE DOZIER).
Belfry 3-8on Belfry05JUSTIN JOHNSON rush for 2 yards to the BELFRY7 (D TARRANCE).