2nd Quarter Play-by-Play

  Date: Dec 06, 2014 • Site: BOLWING GREEN, KY

2nd Quarter Play-by-Play
Mayfield1-10on Wmsburg44End of half, clock 00:00.
Mayfield1-10on Wmsburg44MAYFIELD drive start at 00:00.
 Drive: 5 plays, 14 yards, TOP 0:50
Wmsburg 4-15on Wmsburg44SKY. GRIFFITH pass incomplete to M ROSECREEKMORE (JAMIE TAPIA).
Wmsburg 4-15on Wmsburg44Timeout MAYFIELD, clock 00:06.
Wmsburg 3-7on Mayfield48SKY. GRIFFITH rush for loss of 8 yards to the WMSBURG44, out-of-bounds (COLE KENDALL).
Wmsburg 2-7on Mayfield48SKY. GRIFFITH pass incomplete to COREY SHELTON.
Wmsburg 2-7on Mayfield48Timeout WILLIAMSBURG, clock 00:23.
Wmsburg 1-10on Wmsburg49SKY. GRIFFITH rush for 3 yards to the MAYFIELD48 (TIM MCCAMPBELL).
Wmsburg 1-10on Wmsburg30SKY. GRIFFITH pass complete to COREY SHELTON for 19 yards to the WMSBURG49, 1ST DOWN WMSBURG (ELIJAH BRIMMER).
Wmsburg 1-10on Wmsburg30WILLIAMSBURG drive start at 00:50.
SIDNEY HERNDON kickoff 30 yards to the WMSBURG30, downed.
 Drive: 6 plays, 25 yards, TOP 2:31
SIDNEY HERNDON kick attempt good.
Mayfield3-Gon Wmsburg02TRAJON BRIGHT rush for 2 yards to the WMSBURG0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:52.
Mayfield3-Gon Wmsburg04PENALTY WMSBURG encroachment (STONE HUGHETT) 2 yards to the WMSBURG2.
Mayfield3-Gon Wmsburg04QB hurry by STONE HUGHETT.
Mayfield2-Gon Wmsburg04LANDON ARNETT pass incomplete to MICHAEL WALKER.
Mayfield1-Gon Wmsburg09TRAJON BRIGHT rush for 5 yards to the WMSBURG4 (AUSTIN HUSKEY).
Mayfield1-Gon Wmsburg09Timeout MAYFIELD, clock 01:32.
Mayfield3-10on Wmsburg25LANDON ARNETT pass complete to MARSHALL BACON for 16 yards to the WMSBURG9, 1ST DOWN MAYFIELD (SKY. GRIFFITH;AUSTIN HUSKEY).
Mayfield2-11on Wmsburg26TRAJON BRIGHT rush for 1 yard to the WMSBURG25 (JEFF. PATRICK).
Mayfield1-10on Wmsburg25TRAJON BRIGHT rush for loss of 1 yard to the WMSBURG26 (COREY SHELTON).
Mayfield1-10on Wmsburg25Timeout WILLIAMSBURG, clock 03:21.
Mayfield1-10on Wmsburg25MAYFIELD drive start at 03:21.
SIDNEY HERNDON kickoff 50 yards to the WMSBURG10, COREY SHELTON return 14 yards to the WMSBURG24, fumble forced by KEVIN CALDWELL, fumble by COREY SHELTON recovered by MAYFIELD JORDON TYLER at WMSBURG25.
 Drive: 9 plays, 51 yards, TOP 3:32
SIDNEY HERNDON kick attempt good.
Mayfield3-Gon Wmsburg01JOHN HERNANDEZ rush for 1 yard to the WMSBURG0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 03:29.
Mayfield3-Gon Wmsburg01Timeout WILLIAMSBURG, clock 03:35.
Mayfield2-Gon Wmsburg03JORDON TYLER rush for 2 yards to the WMSBURG1 (CHRIS HELTON).
Mayfield1-Gon Wmsburg03TRAJON BRIGHT rush for no gain to the WMSBURG3 (JEFF. PATRICK;ETHAN WILSON).
Mayfield2-2on Wmsburg07PENALTY WMSBURG encroachment (AUSTIN HUSKEY) 4 yards to the WMSBURG3, 1ST DOWN MAYFIELD.
Mayfield1-10on Wmsburg15TRAJON BRIGHT rush for 8 yards to the WMSBURG7 (SKY. GRIFFITH).
Mayfield2-11on Wmsburg28LANDON ARNETT pass complete to LANE KENNEMORE for 13 yards to the WMSBURG15, 1ST DOWN MAYFIELD (COREY SHELTON).
Mayfield1-10on Wmsburg27TRAJON BRIGHT rush for loss of 1 yard to the WMSBURG28 (JEFF. PATRICK).
Mayfield1-10on Wmsburg37TRAJON BRIGHT rush for 10 yards to the WMSBURG27, 1ST DOWN MAYFIELD (CHASE LOWRIE;CHRIS HELTON).
Mayfield2-1on Wmsburg42TRAJON BRIGHT rush for 5 yards to the WMSBURG37, 1ST DOWN MAYFIELD (AARON KISSINGER).
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield49LANDON ARNETT pass complete to MARSHALL BACON for 9 yards to the WMSBURG42 (JEFF. PATRICK).
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield49MAYFIELD drive start at 07:01.
BRENTLY PATRICK kickoff 40 yards to the MAYFIELD20, JORDON TYLER return 29 yards to the MAYFIELD49 (M ROSECREEKMORE).
 Drive: 8 plays, 40 yards, TOP 3:33
Wmsburg 4-17on Mayfield18BRENTLY PATRICK field goal attempt from 35 GOOD, clock 07:09.
Wmsburg 4-12on Mayfield13PENALTY WMSBURG false start (JORDAN OSBORNE) 5 yards to the MAYFIELD18.
Wmsburg 3-8on Mayfield09SKY. GRIFFITH rush for loss of 4 yards to the MAYFIELD13, out-of-bounds (DAVIS MILLS).
Wmsburg 2-9on Mayfield10AARON KISSINGER rush for 1 yard to the MAYFIELD9 (KEL CARMEN).
Wmsburg 1-10on Mayfield11FRED MASSEY rush for 1 yard to the MAYFIELD10 (COLE KENDALL).
Wmsburg 2-7on Mayfield34SKY. GRIFFITH pass complete to CHASE LOWRIE for 23 yards to the MAYFIELD11, 1ST DOWN WMSBURG.
Wmsburg 1-10on Mayfield37FRED MASSEY rush for 3 yards to the MAYFIELD34 (TIM MCCAMPBELL).
Wmsburg 2-4on Wmsburg48CHASE LOWRIE rush for 15 yards to the MAYFIELD37, 1ST DOWN WMSBURG (JOHN HERNANDEZ).
Wmsburg 1-10on Wmsburg42FRED MASSEY rush for 6 yards to the WMSBURG48 (LANE KENNEMORE;TRAJON BRIGHT).
Wmsburg 1-10on Wmsburg42WILLIAMSBURG drive start at 10:34.
 Drive: 3 plays, 7 yards, TOP 1:19
Mayfield4-3on Mayfield47SIDNEY HERNDON punt 11 yards to the WMSBURG42, out-of-bounds.
Mayfield3-1on Mayfield49TRAJON BRIGHT rush for loss of 2 yards to the MAYFIELD47 (AUSTIN HUSKEY).
Mayfield3-6on Mayfield44PENALTY WMSBURG encroachment (AUSTIN HUSKEY) 5 yards to the MAYFIELD49.
Mayfield2-6on Mayfield44LANDON ARNETT pass incomplete to MARSHALL BACON.
Mayfield2-11on Mayfield39PENALTY WMSBURG encroachment (COLLIN LAMOREE) 5 yards to the MAYFIELD44.
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield40TRAJON BRIGHT rush for loss of 1 yard to the MAYFIELD39 (M ROSECREEKMORE).
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield40MAYFIELD drive start at 11:53.
BRENTLY PATRICK kickoff 20 yards to the MAYFIELD40, out-of-bounds, MAYFIELD ball on MAYFIELD40.
 Drive: 15 plays, 78 yards, TOP 7:05
BRENTLY PATRICK kick attempt good.
Wmsburg 1-Gon Mayfield03PENALTY WMSBURG false start (STONE HUGHETT) 5 yards to the MAYFIELD8.
Wmsburg 2-8on Mayfield12SKY. GRIFFITH rush for 12 yards to the MAYFIELD0, 1ST DOWN WMSBURG, TOUCHDOWN, clock 11:53.
Wmsburg 2-8on Mayfield12Start of 2nd quarter, clock 12:00.