4th Quarter Play-by-Play

  Date: Dec 06, 2014 • Site: BOLWING GREEN, KY

4th Quarter Play-by-Play
 Drive: 3 plays, 17 yards, TOP 0:00
Mayfield3-6on Mayfield24TRAJON BRIGHT rush for 13 yards to the MAYFIELD37, 1ST DOWN MAYFIELD (JEFF. PATRICK).
Mayfield2-12on Mayfield18TRAJON BRIGHT rush for 6 yards to the MAYFIELD24 (JEFF. PATRICK;CHRIS HELTON).
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield20LANDON ARNETT pass complete to MARSHALL BACON for loss of 2 yards to the MAYFIELD18 (CHASE LOWRIE).
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield20MAYFIELD drive start at 01:26.
 Drive: 5 plays, 25 yards, TOP 2:25
Wmsburg 4-3on Mayfield18BRENTLY PATRICK field goal attempt from 35 MISSED - wide left, spot at MAYFIELD20, clock 01:26.
Wmsburg 3-4on Mayfield19SKY. GRIFFITH rush for 1 yard to the MAYFIELD18 (COLE KENDALL).
Wmsburg 2-8on Mayfield23FRED MASSEY rush for 4 yards to the MAYFIELD19 (TIM MCCAMPBELL;JAMIE TAPIA).
Wmsburg 1-10on Mayfield25SKY. GRIFFITH pass complete to M ROSECREEKMORE for 2 yards to the MAYFIELD23.
Wmsburg 1-10on Mayfield43SKY. GRIFFITH rush for 2 yards to the MAYFIELD41, FRED MASSEY for 16 yards to the MAYFIELD25, 1ST DOWN WMSBURG (COLE KENDALL).
Wmsburg 1-10on Mayfield43WILLIAMSBURG drive start at 03:51.
 Drive: 1 play, 0 yards, TOP 0:12
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield40LANDON ARNETT pass intercepted by AUSTIN HUSKEY at the 50 yardline, AUSTIN HUSKEY return 7 yards to the MAYFIELD43 (LANE KENNEMORE).
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield40MAYFIELD drive start at 04:03.
BRENTLY PATRICK kickoff 47 yards to the MAYFIELD13, JORDON TYLER return 27 yards to the MAYFIELD40, out-of-bounds (M ROSECREEKMORE).
 Drive: 5 plays, 79 yards, TOP 2:04
SKY. GRIFFITH pass attempt to FRED MASSEY good.
SKY. GRIFFITH pass attempt failed, PENALTY MAYFIELD pass interference (TRAJON BRIGHT) 2 yards to the MAYFIELD1, NO PLAY.
Wmsburg 1-Gon Mayfield03Timeout WILLIAMSBURG, clock 04:10.
Wmsburg 1-10on Mayfield31SKY. GRIFFITH pass complete to COREY SHELTON for 31 yards to the MAYFIELD0, 1ST DOWN WMSBURG, TOUCHDOWN, clock 04:10.
Wmsburg 2-3on Mayfield45SKY. GRIFFITH pass complete to COREY SHELTON for 14 yards to the MAYFIELD31, 1ST DOWN WMSBURG (NICK WORKMAN).
Wmsburg 1-10on Wmsburg48SKY. GRIFFITH rush for 7 yards to the MAYFIELD45 (JOHN HERNANDEZ).
Wmsburg 2-7on Wmsburg24SKY. GRIFFITH pass complete to CHASE LOWRIE for 24 yards to the WMSBURG48, 1ST DOWN WMSBURG (NICK WORKMAN).
Wmsburg 1-10on Wmsburg21CHASE LOWRIE rush for 3 yards to the WMSBURG24 (ELIJAH BRIMMER).
Wmsburg 1-10on Wmsburg21WILLIAMSBURG drive start at 06:07.
 Drive: 3 plays, 4 yards, TOP 1:26
Mayfield4-6on Mayfield33SIDNEY HERNDON punt 46 yards to the WMSBURG21, out-of-bounds.
Mayfield3-6on Mayfield33LANDON ARNETT pass incomplete to LANE KENNEMORE.
Mayfield2-8on Mayfield31JORDON TYLER rush for 2 yards to the MAYFIELD33 (ETHAN WILSON).
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield29JORDON TYLER rush for 2 yards to the MAYFIELD31 (AUSTIN HUSKEY;JEFF. PATRICK).
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield29Timeout WILLIAMSBURG, clock 07:33.
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield29MAYFIELD drive start at 07:33.
 Drive: 2 plays, 1 yard, TOP 0:19
Wmsburg 2-8on Mayfield28FRED MASSEY rush for 1 yard to the MAYFIELD27, fumble by FRED MASSEY recovered by MAYFIELD ELIJAH BRIMMER at MAYFIELD29.
Wmsburg 1-10on Mayfield30SKY. GRIFFITH pass complete to FRED MASSEY for 2 yards to the MAYFIELD28, out-of-bounds (TIM MCCAMPBELL).
Wmsburg 1-10on Mayfield30WILLIAMSBURG drive start at 07:52.
 Drive: 7 plays, 46 yards, TOP 3:45
Mayfield4-10on Wmsburg49SIDNEY HERNDON punt BLOCKED, recovered by WMSBURG M ROSECREEKMORE at MAYFIELD30 (blocked by AUSTIN HUSKEY).
Mayfield3-10on Wmsburg49LANDON ARNETT pass incomplete to MICHAEL WALKER.
Mayfield2-11on Mayfield50TRAJON BRIGHT rush for 1 yard to the WMSBURG49 (ETHAN WILSON;AUSTIN HUSKEY).
Mayfield1-10on Wmsburg49TRAJON BRIGHT rush for loss of 1 yard to the 50 yardline (M ROSECREEKMORE).
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield32LANDON ARNETT pass complete to LANE KENNEMORE for 19 yards to the WMSBURG49, 1ST DOWN MAYFIELD (SKY. GRIFFITH).
Mayfield3-7on Mayfield08LANDON ARNETT pass complete to MARSHALL BACON for 24 yards to the MAYFIELD32, 1ST DOWN MAYFIELD (ZACH SANDERS;SKY. GRIFFITH).
Mayfield2-8on Mayfield07TRAJON BRIGHT rush for 1 yard to the MAYFIELD8 (CHASE LOWRIE).
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield05TRAJON BRIGHT rush for 2 yards to the MAYFIELD7 (ETHAN WILSON).
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield04MAYFIELD ball on MAYFIELD5.
Mayfield1-10on Mayfield04MAYFIELD drive start at 11:37.
 Drive: 7 plays, 50 yards, TOP 2:37
Wmsburg 4-2on Mayfield04SKY. GRIFFITH rush for no gain to the MAYFIELD4 (COLE KENDALL).
Wmsburg 4-2on Mayfield04Timeout WILLIAMSBURG, clock 11:43.
Wmsburg 3-2on Mayfield04SKY. GRIFFITH pass incomplete to CHASE LOWRIE.
Wmsburg 3-2on Mayfield04Start of 4th quarter, clock 12:00.