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School Directory

Assumption High School Directory Entry - (# 6)

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School Information
Mailing Address: 2170 Tyler Ln
Street Address: 2170 Tyler Ln
  Louisville, KY 40205 2999
Phone: (502)458-9551
FAX: (502)454-8411
Web Site:
Designated Rep: Gene Baker
Principal: Martha Tedesco
Principal Email:
Principal Work Phone: 502-271-2502
Principal Home Phone:
Athletic Director: Gene Baker
A. D. Email:
A.D. Work Phone: 502-271-2554
A.D. Home Phone:
School System: Diocese of Louisville
  1935 Lewiston Dr.
  Louisville, KY 40216
Phone: (502)448-8581
FAX: (502)448-5518
Superintendent: Leisa Schulz
Certified Trainer:
Trainer Phone:
Trainer Email:
Counselor: Dawn Deweese
Counselor Work Phone: (502)458-9551
Stadium: The Assumption Green
Capacity: 1500
Capacity: 1200
School Colors: Maroon & Gray
Boys Nickname:
Girls Nickname: Rockets

Sports and Activity Info
Coach Email

Varsity Archery - Boys(no team)
Varsity Archery - GirlsLaura A.
Varsity Baseball(no team)
Varsity Basketball - Boys(no team)
Varsity Basketball - GirlsAmy
Varsity Bowling - Boys(no team)
Varsity Bowling - GirlsEugene A. Byron,
Varsity CheerleadingTaylor L.
Varsity Cross Country - Boys(no team)
Varsity Cross Country - GirlsBarry M.
Varsity Fast Pitch SoftballJennifer R.
Varsity Field Hockey - Boys(no team)
Varsity Field Hockey - GirlsDebbie
Varsity Fishing - Boys(no team)
Varsity Fishing - Girls(no team)
Varsity Football(no team)
Varsity Golf - Boys(no team)
Varsity Golf - GirlsChelsey
Varsity Lacrosse - Boys(no team)
Varsity Lacrosse - GirlsJason
Varsity Slow Pitch Softball(no team)
Varsity Soccer - Boys(no team)
Varsity Soccer - GirlsKenyon
Varsity Swimming - Boys
Varsity Swimming - GirlsCatherine D.
Varsity Tennis - Boys(no team)
Varsity Tennis - GirlsGary
Varsity Track - Boys(no team)
Varsity Track - GirlsBarry M.
Varsity VolleyballRon
Varsity Wrestling(no team)

Junior Varsity
Sports and Activity Info
Coach Email

Junior Varsity Archery - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Archery - Girls(no team)
Junior Varsity Baseball(no team)
Junior Varsity Basketball - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Basketball - GirlsMolly
Junior Varsity Bowling - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Bowling - Girls(no team)
Junior Varsity Cheerleading(no team)
Junior Varsity Cross Country - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Cross Country - Girls
Junior Varsity Fast Pitch Softball
Junior Varsity Field Hockey - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Field Hockey - GirlsMadison Petit / Brittney,
Junior Varsity Fishing - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Fishing - Girls(no team)
Junior Varsity Football(no team)
Junior Varsity Golf - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Golf - Girls(no team)
Junior Varsity Lacrosse - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Lacrosse - GirlsSamantha K.
Junior Varsity Slow Pitch Softball(no team)
Junior Varsity Soccer - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Soccer - GirlsStephanie
Junior Varsity Swimming - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Swimming - Girls
Junior Varsity Tennis - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Tennis - Girls
Junior Varsity Track - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Track - Girls
Junior Varsity VolleyballBrooke
Junior Varsity Wrestling(no team)

Sports and Activity Info
Coach Email

Freshman Archery - Boys(no team)
Freshman Archery - Girls(no team)
Freshman Baseball(no team)
Freshman Basketball - Boys(no team)
Freshman Basketball - GirlsGerard
Freshman Bowling - Boys(no team)
Freshman Bowling - Girls(no team)
Freshman Cheerleading(no team)
Freshman Cross Country - Boys(no team)
Freshman Cross Country - Girls(no team)
Freshman Fast Pitch Softball(no team)
Freshman Field Hockey - Boys(no team)
Freshman Field Hockey - GirlsRiley G.
Freshman Fishing - Boys(no team)
Freshman Fishing - Girls(no team)
Freshman Football(no team)
Freshman Golf - Boys(no team)
Freshman Golf - Girls(no team)
Freshman Lacrosse - Boys(no team)
Freshman Lacrosse - Girls
Freshman Slow Pitch Softball(no team)
Freshman Soccer - Boys(no team)
Freshman Soccer - Girls(no team)
Freshman Swimming - Boys(no team)
Freshman Swimming - Girls(no team)
Freshman Tennis - Boys(no team)
Freshman Tennis - Girls(no team)
Freshman Track - Boys(no team)
Freshman Track - Girls(no team)
Freshman VolleyballCarly
Freshman Wrestling(no team)