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KHSAA Handbook

The Bylaws, Constitution, Due Process Procedure and Board of Control policies in the 2018-19 handbook is the version that is legally in force and has been approved through the regulatory review process. These documents are listed on this page. Through the first days of August, the book is in final preparation and is published when each section is complete.

KHSAA Handbook, Section by Section

KHSAA Bylaws

KHSAA Competition Rules- By Individual Sport or Activity

KHSAA Board Adopted Policies



Policies-Championship Events and Sports


Policies-Sports Medicine-General

Policies-Sports Medicine-Concussion

Policies-Sports Medicine-Heat

Policies-Sports Medicine-Emergency Actions Plans and AEDS

Policies-Sports Medicine-Weight Management

Policies-Sports Medicine-Lightning


Policies-Title IX


Policies-Game and Contest Management

Policies-General Operations


Policies-Hall of Fame

Policy and Position Statements

Past Winners - Sport by Sport