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12/19/16 – 2016-2017 Archery Online Rules Clinic Now Available

December 19, 2016 Archery Blog Updates


The mandatory Online KHSAA Rules Clinic for the sport-activity of Archery is available beginning today, December 19, 2016. Below is additional information:

December 19 to January 23 (Coaches) – the Archery Clinic will be online only and may be viewed at no charge during this period.
January 24 to February 19 (Coaches) – the Archery Clinic will be online only and may be viewed for the makeup fee ($100) during this period.
February 20 to March 5 (Coaches) – the Archery Clinic will be online only and may be viewed for the makeup fee ($200) per the Bylaw 27 schedule during this period. After this time, postseason penalties per Bylaw 27 will apply.

The presentation can be viewed on most PC or Mac desktops and laptops, along with many HTML5 enabled mobile devices and tablets (to view system requirements click on the Resources tab from within the clinic once the clinic has started).

You will be required to advance each slide. Once you advance to the last slide of the presentation, you will be returned to the KHSAA website and will receive credit for the clinic (there are no “certificates” for completed online rules clinics). If the presentation is not completed, and you are not taken back to the KHSAA website at the end, you will not receive credit.

You must complete the clinic at one setting (veterans will remember there was no intermission during the in-person meetings either). Individuals starting and not completing will have the start of the clinic erased and will have to begin at the start when resuming.
Each person that views the clinic must be logged into their account in order to get credit. If taken using anyone else’s e-mail address other than your own (including your administrator’s), you will have to re-take the clinic.

For member schools, the clinics are located on the School Log-in Page. To access the clinic, go to and — under the section entitled Rules Clinics — click on the link that says “View Online Rules Clinics“. If you have any trouble finding that link, you can type the following URL into your Internet browser:

If you have trouble logging into the system, contact the KHSAA offices.


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