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Anonymous Call Policy


The KHSAA staff receives many calls, e-mails and letters each day. On occasion, callers request to remain anonymous and authors of correspondence choose to remain anonymous. This type of communication is difficult, at best, for your KHSAA staff to handle. These anonymous communications are seeking specific interpretations on Bylaws and matters of eligibility. In many instances, a complaint is being filed with noway to confirm any information with member schools. The KHSAA Board of Control resolved at the May 23, 2006 meeting to adopt the following policy as of July 1, 2006:

“Anonymous letters sent to the KHSAA shall be forwarded to the school administrator of the school in question by the KHSAA Commissioner, with no further action to be taken unless a violation is reported.

Anonymous callers shall be informed that the KHSAA staff has no authority to act upon anonymous calls.”