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Highlands High School Directory Entry - (# 125)

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School Information
Mailing Address: 2400 Memorial Pky
Street Address: 2400 Memorial Pky
  Fort Thomas, KY 41075 1528
Phone: (859)781-5900
FAX: (859)442-4212
Web Site:
Athletic Department Web Site:
Designated Rep: Kevin Nieporte
Principal: Matthew Bertasso
Principal Email:
Principal Work Phone: (859)781-5900
Athletic Director: Kevin Nieporte
A. D. Email:
A.D. Work Phone: 859-815-2607
School System: Fort Thomas Schools
  28 N Fort Thomas Ave
  Fort Thomas, KY 41075
Phone: (859)781-3333
FAX: (859)781-5347
Superintendent: Karen Cheser
Certified Trainer: Tracy Coffman
Trainer Phone:
Trainer Email:
Counselor Work Phone: (859)781-5900
Stadium: David Cecil Memorial
Capacity: 4700
Gym: Russell Bridges Gym
Capacity: 1350
School Colors: Blue & White
Boys Nickname: Bluebirds
Girls Nickname: same

Sports and Activity Info
Coach Email

Varsity ArcheryTracy
Varsity BaseballJeremy
Varsity Basketball - BoysKevin M.
Varsity Basketball - GirlsJaime W.
Varsity Bowling - BoysAndrew
Varsity Bowling - GirlsAndrew
Varsity Bowling - UnifiedMarie
Varsity CheerleadingMichele
Varsity Cross Country - BoysBrian
Varsity Cross Country - GirlsBrian
Varsity DanceErinn
Varsity Esports - Winter(no team)
Varsity Esports - SpringShih Yang
Varsity Fast Pitch SoftballMilt
Varsity Field Hockey - Girls(no team)
Varsity Fishing(no team)
Varsity FootballBrian
Varsity Golf - BoysBert
Varsity Golf - GirlsMichael
Varsity Lacrosse - Boys(no team)
Varsity Lacrosse - Girls(no team)
Varsity Marksmanship(no team)
Varsity Slow Pitch Softball(no team)
Varsity Soccer - BoysChad
Varsity Soccer - GirlsAlex J.
Varsity Swimming - BoysAmanda M.
Varsity Swimming - GirlsAmanda M.
Varsity Tennis - BoysKristin D.
Varsity Tennis - GirlsKevin M.
Varsity Track - BoysRyan
Varsity Track - GirlsBrian
Varsity Track - UnifiedMarie
Varsity VolleyballKatelyn A.
Varsity Wrestling(no team)

Junior Varsity
Sports and Activity Info
Coach Email

Junior Varsity Archery(no team)
Junior Varsity BaseballRobbie Sumpter / Jeremy,
Junior Varsity Basketball - BoysKevin M. Listerman / Scott,
Junior Varsity Basketball - GirlsJaime W. Richey / Kayla,
Junior Varsity Bowling - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Bowling - Girls(no team)
Junior Varsity Bowling - Unified(no team)
Junior Varsity CheerleadingElise
Junior Varsity Cross Country - BoysBrian
Junior Varsity Cross Country - GirlsBrian
Junior Varsity DanceJessica
Junior Varsity Fast Pitch SoftballMilt Horner / Teresa,
Junior Varsity Field Hockey - Girls(no team)
Junior Varsity Fishing(no team)
Junior Varsity FootballBrian Weinrich / Ryan,
Junior Varsity Golf - BoysBert
Junior Varsity Golf - GirlsMichael
Junior Varsity Lacrosse - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Lacrosse - Girls(no team)
Junior Varsity Marksmanship(no team)
Junior Varsity Slow Pitch Softball(no team)
Junior Varsity Soccer - BoysChad Niedert / Eric,
Junior Varsity Soccer - GirlsAlex J. Dean / Olivia,
Junior Varsity Swimming - BoysAmanda M.
Junior Varsity Swimming - GirlsAmanda M.
Junior Varsity Tennis - BoysKristin D.
Junior Varsity Tennis - GirlsKevin M.
Junior Varsity Track - BoysRyan
Junior Varsity Track - GirlsBrian
Junior Varsity Track - Unified(no team)
Junior Varsity VolleyballKatelyn A. Sallee / Molly E.,
Junior Varsity Wrestling(no team)

Sports and Activity Info
Coach Email

Freshman Archery(no team)
Freshman BaseballJeremy Baioni / Justin,
Freshman Basketball - BoysKevin M. Listerman / William,
Freshman Basketball - GirlsJaime W. Richey / Jeff,
Freshman Bowling - Boys(no team)
Freshman Bowling - Girls(no team)
Freshman Bowling - Unified(no team)
Freshman CheerleadingElise
Freshman Cross Country - BoysBrian
Freshman Cross Country - GirlsBrian
Freshman Dance(no team)
Freshman Fast Pitch SoftballMilt Horner / David A.,
Freshman Field Hockey - Girls(no team)
Freshman Fishing(no team)
Freshman FootballBrian Weinrich / Brady,
Freshman Golf - Boys(no team)
Freshman Golf - Girls(no team)
Freshman Lacrosse - Boys(no team)
Freshman Lacrosse - Girls(no team)
Freshman Marksmanship(no team)
Freshman Slow Pitch Softball(no team)
Freshman Soccer - BoysMatthew Stephens / Chad,
Freshman Soccer - GirlsKelsey Etherton / Alex J.,
Freshman Swimming - Boys(no team)
Freshman Swimming - Girls(no team)
Freshman Tennis - Boys(no team)
Freshman Tennis - Girls(no team)
Freshman Track - BoysRyan Leopold / Brian J.,
Freshman Track - GirlsGretchen Hinkel / Brian,
Freshman Track - Unified(no team)
Freshman VolleyballJessica Ginter / Katelyn A.,
Freshman Wrestling(no team)