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Central Hardin High School Directory Entry - (# 305)

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School Information
Mailing Address: 3040 Leitchfield Rd
Street Address: 3040 Leitchfield Rd
  Cecilia, KY 42724 9619
Phone: (270)737-6800
FAX: (270)765-3889
Web Site:
Athletic Department Web Site:
Designated Rep: James Wright
Principal: Tim Isaacs
Principal Email:
Principal Work Phone: (270)737-6800
Athletic Director: James Wright
A. D. Email:
A.D. Work Phone: (270)737-6800
School System: Hardin County Schools
  65 WA Jenkins Road
  Elizabethtown, KY 42701
Phone: (270) 769-8800
FAX: (270) 769- 8989
Superintendent: Teresa Morgan
Certified Trainer: William Steakley
Trainer Phone:
Trainer Email:
Counselor Work Phone: (270)737-6800
Capacity: 4500
Capacity: 4000
School Colors: Col. Blue & Yellow
Boys Nickname: Bruins
Girls Nickname: Lady Bruins

Sports and Activity Info
Coach Email

Varsity ArcheryScott
Varsity BaseballTodd
Varsity Basketball - BoysMatt
Varsity Basketball - GirlsKristina R.
Varsity Bowling - BoysJeff
Varsity Bowling - GirlsJeff
Varsity Bowling - Unified(no team)
Varsity CheerleadingPaige
Varsity Cross Country - BoysTim
Varsity Cross Country - GirlsSamantha
Varsity Dance(no team)
Varsity Esports - Winter(no team)
Varsity Esports - Spring(no team)
Varsity Fast Pitch SoftballJamie Goodman,
Varsity Field Hockey - Girls(no team)
Varsity FishingAndy
Varsity FootballTim
Varsity Golf - BoysPaul B.
Varsity Golf - GirlsPaul B.
Varsity Lacrosse - Boys(no team)
Varsity Lacrosse - Girls(no team)
Varsity Marksmanship(no team)
Varsity Slow Pitch Softball(no team)
Varsity Soccer - BoysJustin
Varsity Soccer - GirlsChris D.
Varsity Swimming - BoysSharon
Varsity Swimming - GirlsSharon
Varsity Tennis - BoysJody
Varsity Tennis - GirlsJody
Varsity Track - BoysTim
Varsity Track - GirlsTim
Varsity Track - Unified(no team)
Varsity VolleyballWilliam
Varsity WrestlingLarry

Junior Varsity
Sports and Activity Info
Coach Email

Junior Varsity Archery(no team)
Junior Varsity BaseballScott
Junior Varsity Basketball - BoysAndre
Junior Varsity Basketball - GirlsLeslie
Junior Varsity Bowling - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Bowling - Girls(no team)
Junior Varsity Bowling - Unified(no team)
Junior Varsity Cheerleading(no team)
Junior Varsity Cross Country - BoysTim A.
Junior Varsity Cross Country - GirlsSamantha
Junior Varsity Dance(no team)
Junior Varsity Fast Pitch SoftballJamie Goodman,
Junior Varsity Field Hockey - Girls(no team)
Junior Varsity Fishing(no team)
Junior Varsity FootballRobert
Junior Varsity Golf - BoysCody
Junior Varsity Golf - GirlsCody
Junior Varsity Lacrosse - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Lacrosse - Girls(no team)
Junior Varsity Marksmanship(no team)
Junior Varsity Slow Pitch Softball(no team)
Junior Varsity Soccer - BoysTyler G.
Junior Varsity Soccer - GirlsAlex J.
Junior Varsity Swimming - BoysVicente A. Garcia Nieto,
Junior Varsity Swimming - GirlsVicente A. Garcia Nieto,
Junior Varsity Tennis - BoysJohn F.
Junior Varsity Tennis - GirlsJohn F.
Junior Varsity Track - BoysTim A.
Junior Varsity Track - GirlsSamantha
Junior Varsity Track - Unified(no team)
Junior Varsity Volleyball
Junior Varsity WrestlingGerald

Sports and Activity Info
Coach Email

Freshman Archery(no team)
Freshman BaseballEric
Freshman Basketball - BoysDavid F. Jenkins,
Freshman Basketball - GirlsGlenn
Freshman Bowling - Boys(no team)
Freshman Bowling - Girls(no team)
Freshman Bowling - Unified(no team)
Freshman Cheerleading(no team)
Freshman Cross Country - Boys(no team)
Freshman Cross Country - Girls(no team)
Freshman Dance(no team)
Freshman Fast Pitch SoftballJordan L.
Freshman Field Hockey - Girls(no team)
Freshman Fishing(no team)
Freshman FootballDylan J.
Freshman Golf - Boys(no team)
Freshman Golf - Girls(no team)
Freshman Lacrosse - Boys(no team)
Freshman Lacrosse - Girls(no team)
Freshman Marksmanship(no team)
Freshman Slow Pitch Softball(no team)
Freshman Soccer - Boys(no team)
Freshman Soccer - Girls(no team)
Freshman Swimming - Boys(no team)
Freshman Swimming - Girls(no team)
Freshman Tennis - Boys(no team)
Freshman Tennis - Girls(no team)
Freshman Track - Boys(no team)
Freshman Track - Girls(no team)
Freshman Track - Unified(no team)
Freshman VolleyballAbbey
Freshman Wrestling(no team)