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01/26/18 – Clarification on the Minimum Number of Diving Meets for Postseason

January 26, 2018


The KHSAA would like to address several questions and potential confusion that has come up this season in regards to the minimum number of Diving Meets an athlete must have to enter the postseason.

As is stated in the Competition Rules,

“Athletes desiring to enter the Diving competition shall have competed in Diving during at least four high school meets on a team representing a member school during the regular season. Athletes entering high school meets where only Diving is contested or meets where that school’s only participation is Diving may count that participation against the required four (4) meets and the school does not have to count that particular meet against its maximum number of meets under Bylaw 23.”

Due to several meet cancellations as a result of inclement weather this season, and other administrative issues surrounding the rule wherein meet management may have misinterpreted the provisions to our coaches due to unclear communication from this office, we know that some athletes may have fallen short of this four meet minimum. As a result the four meet minimum number of Diving meets will not be enforced for the 2017-2018 postseason and athletes failing to enter into four Diving competitions will be permitted to enter postseason Diving competition by allowing Swim meets to also count towards their four meet minimum. However as plans are made in future years, all coaches and meet managers should be aware of this important safety based criterion and there will be no waivers in the future.

Feel free to contact Darren Bilberry to discuss any specific situations or questions in regards to this regulation. Thank you.


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