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02/23/18-Football Schedule Moratorium, Draft 2019 Alignment Procedures

February 23, 2018


All football playing member schools are reminded that football contracts signed prior to May 10 for games beyond the 2018 season will not be considered valid as the moratorium on scheduling remains in place. In addition to the alignment changes, there will also be consideration of all bracketing parameters for the playoffs as well as scheduling grids and other factors that make signing contracts premature prior to that time.

At its regular meeting on February 21, the Board of Control approved a draft alignment of football teams for distribution. The board accepted the requests of seven schools to play into a higher class and one team to withdraw from district play. That document is listed at

The Board then approved the distribution of a draft alignment of teams. The alignment is detailed at

An interactive map of the classes is located at

Please note the following points:

  1. A form has been developed to solicit feedback. The form is located online at
  2. All feedback forms will be distributed to all Board of Control members and will be compiled for that Board meeting.
  3. All feedback will also be publicly on the KHSAA website.
  4. Discussions regarding suggestions for changes are appropriately directed to the Commissioner of the KHSAA as it will be staff’s role to recommend any changes to the draft, which will then be considered by the Board at its May meeting.
  5. Feedback is due by Friday, March 30.
  6. A response from each school is not necessary. A lack of response will be interpreted as showing favor.
  7. Each school may have only one response. If multiple responses are received from the same school, they will be prioritized first by the response from the Principal, then by the Designated Representative/Athletic Director.
  8. Only the Principal or AD can complete and submit this survey. Input from coaches will be summarily deleted and not considered as coaches are encouraged to work with your Principal or Athletic Director/Designated Representative to ensure a single response.

Schools should be mindful that there are several required drafting parameters in constructing the alignment that are designed to eliminate subjectivity including, but not limited to, the following list:

  1. The smallest 32 teams (after playing up decisions were final) were placed in Class 1A and the largest 32 teams were placed in Class 6A. The remaining teams were distributed evenly among Classes 2A through 5A
  2. A minimum of four teams per district (unless absolutely geographically not feasible). If less than four are assigned, playoff alterations are addressed.
  3. The time for playing into a higher class has expired for this alignment period (2019-2022 seasons)
  4. All enrollment suggested modifications have been considered and no further alterations will be considered.
  5. Historically vulnerable teams (that have pulled out of postseason competition in the past) will likely be placed in district with at least five teams in case of withdrawal during alignment (to prevent byes in postseason)
  6. Suggested changes should be supported by documentable travel concerns with reasonable alternative solutions that do not conflict with other parameters (such as teams in a district)
  7. Competition concerns due to past or current success by opponents will not be considered.
  8. Comments issued with requested changes should concern solely the member school making the request. Comments requesting third party changes (i.e. School A requesting School B to change) will not be considered at this point.
  9. Schools requesting multiple changes that include the responding school should ensure collaboration with all impacted schools

Please feel free to direct any other questions to the Commissioner’s at the KHSAA offices.



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