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04/25/18- Reminder about Football Scrimmages and Contact Restrictions

April 26, 2018 Football Blog Updates


There have been several inquiries to the office about football scrimmages for 2018 in light of recent action by the KHSAA delegates at the Annual Meeting. Therefore, this additional reminder is being issued.

At that meeting of the delegates, a proposal was passed which would allow all schools to have two (2) pre-season scrimmages in football, regardless of whether or not a week zero (0) game was played. The proposal received the requisite number of votes and has been recommended for implementation by the Board of Control but has not yet received final approval through the regulatory process.

In light of the need for scheduling and planning, we will operate as though the proposal will receive final approval. There is minimal risk of this proposal failing to receive regulatory approval and as such, schools may schedule a second scrimmage for this fall (2018) regardless of first regular season week.

However, it is important to remember that this change does NOT waive the contact phase-in requirements, and with the early date for scrimmaging now possible, there will necessarily be limitations.

For those scrimmaging against another school (or schools in a grid-a-rama type setting during a single three-hour period per the scrimmage restrictions) in any form that first weekend in August shall adhere to all of the contact restrictions. If an activity is held involving another school (or schools) on Friday, August 3rd, it would only be able to be helmets and shoulder pads and would be restricted to “Non-contact”, meaning that drills are run at Level 0, air; Level 1, bags; or Level 2, control.

If it is held on the August 4th or later, then those players that have had three (3) days in full gear after August 1 (after the helmet and shoulder pad days) would, in fact, be able to go full contact.

Be mindful of these contact restrictions as you schedule that second activity.