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04/26/18 – Baseball-Softball Minimum Contests For Postseason Requirement

April 26, 2018 Athletic Department Blog Updates


Several schools in both baseball and softball have contacted the office recently to express concerns about the impact this spring’s weather conditions are having on their schedules. While those schools reaching out to our office originally had more than ten (10) contests scheduled, the constant inclement weather conditions this spring have obviously made it difficult to complete those games.

In the competition rules for baseball and softball, there has long been a requirement that in order to be eligible for the postseason a member school must have a schedule of ten (10) or more contests. For those that seek clarification, this doesn’t require ten (10) contests to have been played.

So long as a school is a member eligible for postseason play, they will be eligible for the postseason provided the school had an original schedule of at least ten (10) contests. 


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