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07/20/17 – Football Practice and Acclimation/Acclimatization Reminders

July 20, 2017


As the helmet-only period continues and more activity is available, it is necessary to issue a few reminders about football practice. None of these procedures have changed, but with the massive turnover in coaches and the plethora of inquiries and perhaps spreading of misinformation, these reminders are essential.

  • July 10-31 is a period to participate in non-contact simulations (7 on 7) wearing only a helmet. Only level “0-air”, “1-bags” and “2-control” activity can occur. By definition, level “2” activity stops at the moment of contact. Period. During this time period, there are both practice (number) and practice time limitations contained in Bylaw 23.
  • July 22-31 is a period when shells (helmets, shoulder pads, shorts) can be worn. but only for those individuals who have had five days with the rest of the team members in helmets only after July 10. During this time period, there are both practice (number) and practice time limitations contained in Bylaw 23.
  • August 1st starts the contact practice period, and no further opportunity exists to engage another team in any way other than the two legal scrimmage periods (or 1 period for those that play week 0 games. During this time period, there are both practice (number) and practice time limitations contained in Bylaw 23.
  • All practice (contact or non-contact) is required to use appropriate clothing and equipment, including but not limited to, current certification/re-certification of equipment as required by the manufacturer.
  • When ANY gear is worn other than the helmet, there is no opportunity to engage an outside opponent. There is no such thing as an “OTA” between any schools if anything other than the helmet is worn.
  • Once a coach allows any level “3-Thud” activity to occur during the July 22-July 31 period, there is no more opportunity to participate in a non-contact simulation this season.
  • Any time level “3-thud” or level “4-live action” activities are conducted, that is “contact” practice. Schools may NOT conduct more than one practice each day that contains contact.

This is not intended to be all inclusive as to the myriad of rules and regulations related to football practice. The complete regulations for football including per-day and per-week limitations are contained in the KHSAA bylaws at It is important that every coach and every athletic administrator review the important restrictions, especially the provisions about time limitations and what does and doesn’t count toward those limitations. This material will be reviewed again in detail during the required online rules clinic.

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