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09/04/18 – Trackwrestling Access Reminders for Wrestling Coaches

August 24, 2018 Wrestling Blog Updates


The 2018-19 High School Boys NWCA OPC Software will be available through Trackwrestling. Your login information, as well as a general guideline of what to expect for the upcoming season, will be emailed to you from trackwrestling. Your access will begin on October 1st. 

Your school’s Body Fat Assessor will receive their login information from trackwrestling soon after. To facilitate this, they will need to register with the KHSAA office initially, which will allow us to submit their contact information to trackwrestling. To begin the process of registering your Body Fat Assessor, please submit Wrestling Form WR126 wr126-wrestling-weight-management-assessor/ 

The deadline for submission is October 1, 2018. At that point, we will notify trackwrestling as to the approved List of Assessors for the 2018-2019 season. Once they have that information, trackwrestling will send login rights to your school’s assessor. The assessor will have access to begin the entry of test results on the 15th of October.

As a reminder, all KHSAA teams are now responsible for the $30 fee for the weight management program. Payment can be made online by credit card for instant access or a check can be mailed to the NWCA. Payment options can be viewed by logging into your team account and clicking on Weight Management in the grey menu bar.

Please note that payment is not required prior to entering assessment data. Assessors will have access to their accounts and can enter transactions regardless of whether or not the school has paid. Coaches will not be able to view weight loss plans or create weigh-in sheets until payment has been processed.

Do NOT wait to enter assessments. There is a seven-day window of time to enter the data starting on the day of the measurement. Please enter all transactions in a timely manner.

If you have any questions, please visit, click the TRACK menu, and then click Help Center. You can browse various articles for assistance. If your issue is not resolved through the Help Center, scroll down to the Contact Us link under the article to submit a ticket.


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