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09/01/17 – Game Day State Cheer Competition Information

August 31, 2017


The KHSAA has partnered with Varsity (UCA) and will utilize its published score sheets, guidelines and judges for the State Competitive Cheer Championships. Game Day is a separate competition. Varsity guidelines may be adjusted per KHSAA Competition Rules as detailed below. The competition will adhere to all NFHS Rules with regard to safety.

• There is no regional qualifying for Game Day. It will be an open competition at State. One squad per school will be permitted to enter the competition.

•. Schools will declare participation by Oct. 1 using the same online link as the competitive cheer declaration of divisions and entry. The online entry link will be emailed to school Athletic Directors to complete/register. After that time, any school that withdraws from competition will be subject to penalty and fine as detailed in Bylaw 27.

• The State Game Day Competition will be held on Friday, Dec. 8 at Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park. The KHSAA State Competitive Cheer Championships will be held at Alltech Arena the following day (Saturday, Dec. 9).

• Squad size is limited to a total of 25 participants on the floor.
• All participants on the floor count toward the total number of 25.
• There is no separate classification for Coed.
• Mascots and flag runners may not be involved in the execution of cheer skills.

• Traditional sideline uniforms are required.

• The competition will be governed by UCA rules under NFHS guidelines.
• For complete information use this link:

• Awards will be given to first through fourth place.
• Twenty-seven (27) individual medals will be presented to teams finishing in the top four (25 student-athletes plus two coaches).

Can a school enter two squads in competitive cheer and then a third in Game Day?
Yes. Schools may enter no more than two squads in competitive cheer and one in Game Day.

Can a member of a competitive cheer squad also be on a Game Day squad?
Yes. Game Day is considered a different competition and skills and stunts are limited to help permit a level playing field for all squads.

Is is possible for a participant to be on both competitive cheer squads (if two are entered) and the Game Day squad as well?
No. Because Competitive Cheer limits participation to only one competitive squad, this is not possible. A participant can compete on one competitive cheer squad and the Game Day squad.


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