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11/13/14 – USBC Youth Membership Information Update

November 13, 2014 Bowling Blog Updates


The USBC made additional changes to their Youth Membership Policy.  We wanted to make sure that coaches and bowlers have the more up to date information they need to obtain proper membership.  This is optional and not a requirement. 

*Note – all questions should be directed to Brian at the USBC office.

USBC Youth Membership
High school bowlers are eligible for a USBC Youth membership during their interscholastic season. For interscholastic athletes, it is not mandatory that all members of the team be USBC members; only those who wish to hold membership must purchase the membership.
The USBC Youth Membership costs $4 and provides the following benefits:
? USBC Youth Membership card
? USBC official average (minimum of 12 games)
? Eligible to bowl in USBC certified tournaments
? Eligible to apply for all USBC scholarships
? Eligible to be nominated for the Dexter/USBC High School All-American Team
? Eligible to purchase USBC Youth Honor Scores (300 game, 800 series, 11 in a row)

To obtain membership, please contact your local center or USBC association. Membership will be processed using the new USBC Youth processing system, with the league type classified as Scholastic High School. Those student-athletes who already hold a current USBC Youth Standard membership from another youth league still need to be added to the high school league that is classified as Scholastic High School.

The processor (center or association) adding the memberships will create a league. I suggest the title be related to high school (Dallas County High School Bowling; St. Francis High School Bulldogs), and the league type MUST BE classified as Scholastic High School. Again, only the bowlers (new or current members) that are in the league are eligible for the USBC average, honor score recognition on and the ability to purchase awards.

The member is responsible for providing end-of-season average information to the processor.

Any coaches, parents, athletes or processors are encouraged to contact USBC High School with any questions regarding this membership and how to successfully obtain it.

Any questions or issues contact: Brian English
                                                        Phone: 817-385-8434 (office); 817-228-3510 (cell)


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