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Dixie Heights High School Directory Entry - (# 72)

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School Information
Mailing Address: 3010 Dixie Highway
Street Address: 3010 Dixie Hwy
  Edgewood, KY 41017 2334
Phone: (859)341-7650
FAX: (859)341-2531
Web Site:
Athletic Department Web Site:
Designated Rep: Derek C.Bosse
Principal: Roger S.Stainforth ,II
Principal Email:
Principal Work Phone: 859-341-7650
Athletic Director: Derek C.Bosse
A. D. Email:
A.D. Work Phone: (859) 486-8361
School System: Kenton County Schools
  1055 Eaton Drive
  Fort Wright, KY 41017
Phone: (859)344-8888
FAX: (859)344-1531
Superintendent: Henry Webb
Certified Trainer: Taylor Ruder
Trainer Phone:
Trainer Email:
Counselor: Thad Dusing
Counselor Work Phone: (859)341-7650
Stadium: Rice Mountjoy
Capacity: 3000
Capacity: 1400
School Colors: Red & Gray
Boys Nickname: Colonels
Girls Nickname: Colonels

Sports and Activity Info
Coach Email

Varsity ArcheryPatrick
Varsity BaseballChris Maxwell,
Varsity Basketball - BoysFields
Varsity Basketball - GirlsJoel
Varsity Bowling - BoysBlake
Varsity Bowling - GirlsBlake
Varsity Bowling - UnifiedBlake
Varsity CheerleadingKelli
Varsity Cross Country - BoysJustin
Varsity Cross Country - GirlsJustin
Varsity Dance(no team)
Varsity Esports - Winter(no team)
Varsity Esports - Spring(no team)
Varsity Fast Pitch SoftballSarah
Varsity Field Hockey - Girls(no team)
Varsity Fishing(no team)
Varsity FootballPat
Varsity Golf - BoysMatt
Varsity Golf - GirlsPaul
Varsity Lacrosse - BoysDaniel L.
Varsity Lacrosse - GirlsChris
Varsity Marksmanship(no team)
Varsity Slow Pitch Softball(no team)
Varsity Soccer - BoysTrey
Varsity Soccer - GirlsChris
Varsity Swimming - BoysChristopher
Varsity Swimming - GirlsChristopher
Varsity Tennis - BoysPaul
Varsity Tennis - GirlsPaul
Varsity Track - BoysStephen
Varsity Track - GirlsJustin
Varsity Track - UnifiedJustin
Varsity VolleyballJulie B.
Varsity WrestlingJason

Junior Varsity
Sports and Activity Info
Coach Email

Junior Varsity Archery(no team)
Junior Varsity BaseballPatrick Rottinghaus / Matt,
Junior Varsity Basketball - BoysChase
Junior Varsity Basketball - GirlsStephen
Junior Varsity Bowling - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Bowling - Girls(no team)
Junior Varsity Bowling - Unified(no team)
Junior Varsity CheerleadingShana Shafii / Mackenzie L.,
Junior Varsity Cross Country - BoysJustin
Junior Varsity Cross Country - GirlsJustin
Junior Varsity Dance(no team)
Junior Varsity Fast Pitch SoftballBret W.
Junior Varsity Field Hockey - Girls(no team)
Junior Varsity Fishing(no team)
Junior Varsity FootballJordan D.
Junior Varsity Golf - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Golf - GirlsPaul
Junior Varsity Lacrosse - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Lacrosse - Girls(no team)
Junior Varsity Marksmanship(no team)
Junior Varsity Slow Pitch Softball(no team)
Junior Varsity Soccer - BoysTony
Junior Varsity Soccer - GirlsAndy M.
Junior Varsity Swimming - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Swimming - Girls(no team)
Junior Varsity Tennis - Boys(no team)
Junior Varsity Tennis - Girls(no team)
Junior Varsity Track - BoysStephen
Junior Varsity Track - GirlsJustin
Junior Varsity Track - Unified(no team)
Junior Varsity VolleyballMegan
Junior Varsity WrestlingJason

Sports and Activity Info
Coach Email

Freshman Archery(no team)
Freshman BaseballAdam C.
Freshman Basketball - BoysBret H.
Freshman Basketball - GirlsSteve
Freshman Bowling - Boys(no team)
Freshman Bowling - Girls(no team)
Freshman Bowling - Unified(no team)
Freshman Cheerleading(no team)
Freshman Cross Country - Boys(no team)
Freshman Cross Country - Girls(no team)
Freshman Dance(no team)
Freshman Fast Pitch Softball(no team)
Freshman Field Hockey - Girls(no team)
Freshman Fishing(no team)
Freshman FootballJordan D.
Freshman Golf - Boys(no team)
Freshman Golf - Girls(no team)
Freshman Lacrosse - Boys(no team)
Freshman Lacrosse - Girls(no team)
Freshman Marksmanship(no team)
Freshman Slow Pitch Softball(no team)
Freshman Soccer - BoysArlyn
Freshman Soccer - GirlsKellie
Freshman Swimming - BoysChristopher
Freshman Swimming - GirlsChristopher
Freshman Tennis - Boys(no team)
Freshman Tennis - Girls(no team)
Freshman Track - BoysStephen
Freshman Track - Girls(no team)
Freshman Track - Unified(no team)
Freshman VolleyballDallas
Freshman Wrestling(no team)

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