Hall of Fame Selection Balloting

August 7, 2017 Hall of Fame Working


Good afternoon.

Thank you in advance for your participation as a voting member of the Dawahares/KHSAA Hall of Fame for the 2018 induction class. Balloting is now open for the class of 2018. Balloting will remain open through Friday, August 25, 2017 (midnight ET)

Below are the detailed instructions and points to note for this year’s selection:
The final list of people for whom you may vote is listed on the attachment to the reminder email.
You will need to login to the Hall of Fame system to see the base detail, but it all should be there, and very convenient for your review.
To login, go to http://khsaa.org/hall-of-fame/?go=login.php, use the case sensitive user name and password from the email.

Once you have logged in, you should see a screen that looks like this–



Click in the left column on the line that says “All Eligible Screened”. Your screen should now look like below, and show the 26 individuals that have been screened.

If you take a look on that screen, you can click in the links on the left-hand columns to see the subsets, including athletes, coaches, officials, seniors, and the various geographic breakdowns. The links on the right-hand side of the page are for the screening committee and not for your use as a selection committee member.

In the right-hand column for each person nominated and screened, you will also see any support material that has been submitted about the nominee where you can read the details and information.

Be mindful that we must have at least one inductee in the final class selected for induction from each of Section 1 (basketball regions 1-4), Section 2 (basketball regions 5-8), Section 3 (basketball regions 9-12) and Section 4 (basketball regions 13-16).
The selection class must also include a minimum of one female and one African-American, with no restrictions on how many in each of those demographic groups are represented, and those sublists are available in left column links.
Once the initial balloting is done, there will be a review of the selected class, and at least two (2) individuals representing veterans (those whose participation in one of the categories was more than fifty (50) years ago) must be in the class, and if not, they will be added before the final announcement.
The class should include an appropriate balance of players, coaches, officials and possibly, contributors.

The complete Hall of Fame policies for reference are on the KHSAA website at http://khsaa.org/hallfame/policiesandprocedures.pdf.
Balloting is done online only, and must be finished by midnight on August 25, 2017.
You cast your ballot by going online to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfcT7Yq0PHARpZey0sNcicdXJec5wnRMfnBHOt4giAX12-Dnw/viewform?usp=sf_link and selecting the people for which you choose to vote.
In voting, you are asked for your last name, but that procedure is only to ensure that there are no duplicate ballots. Nothing will be produced that shows the name of the person casting a specific ballot. And only myself and our tech person will have access to voter identities (for tabulation purposes).
Once you have completed your voting, your work is done for the 2018 class. HOWEVER, we would hope that each of you will help the Association and its participants by helping identify other worthy individuals for consideration, and ensuring that they have been nominated.
Once the selection committee has finished its work, and the veterans have been considered, a press conference will be held to announce the inductees.

Thank you in advance for your participation!!!