Title IX Education

KHSAA Title IX Education Program Information
KHSAA Board Policy on Title IX Education

Title IX Background Information
KHSAA Steps for Title IX Compliance
Components of Title IX – Three Part Test
Recommended Athletic Booster Club Agreement

KDE Accounting Procedures for Activity Funds (Red Book)

Legislative History of
Title IX

2013-14 KHSAA Title IX Education Workshop Information
August 21, 2013, Hart County HS, Munfordville
August 28, 2013, KHSAA Office, Lexington
August 29, 2013, Grant County HS, Dry Ridge
September 4, 2013, Boyd County HS, Ashland
September 5, 2013, Letcher County Central HS, Whitesburg
September 12, 2013, Mayfield HS, Mayfield
September 13, 2013 Owensboro HS, Owensboro
September 17, 2013, Collins HS, Shelbyville

KHSAA Title IX School Re-Visit Program
Schools Being Re-Visited in the Current School

Cover Letter and Agenda (PDF)


NOTE: Your 2013-2014 Title IX Report will be by online submission only.

To access and enter your school’s online Title IX information,
go to the following member-school only link:
Enter Your School’s Title IX Information
for 2013-2014

For your reference, and to aid you in your preparation for the online submission,
we have made PDF copies of the forms available:
GE19-Verification Title IX Compliance (PDF)
T1-Test 1 Proportionality (PDF)
T1-Test 1 Sample (PDF)
T2-Test 2 Program Expansion (PDF)
T2-Test 2 Sample (PDF)
T3-Test 3 Full Accommodation (PDF)
T4-Levels of Competition (PDF)
T35-Expenditures-Program Comparison 1 (PDF)
T36-Expenditures-Program Comparison 2 (PDF)
T41-Checklist-Overall Intersc. Ath. Program (PDF)
T60-Corrective Action Plan (PDF)
T61-Interscholastic Athletics Student Survey (PDF)
T63-Summary of Student Responses (PDF)

Office for Civil Right (OCR) Documents and Links
Link to OCR Web Site

Dear Colleague -Clarifications of 3 Part test (Student Interest Survey) (04/2010)

OCR Reading

Dear Colleague -Regarding Single Sex Schools (1/31/07)

Dear Colleague -Clarifications of 3 Part test (intercollegiate) (03/2005)

Technical Manual-3 Part test-Test 3 (intercollegiate) (03/2005)

Colleague -Regarding Athletics Compliance (07/2003)

Revised Guideslines
about Sexual Harassment (01/2001)

Letter to Minnesota
League regarding Cheer (04/11/2000)

Letter to Michigan Association about Cheer (10/18/2001)

OCR Technical Manual for Checking Compliance (02/2005)

KHSAA Reports to KY Board of Education-Deficiencies Noted

KHSAA Summary of Deficiencies, 2010-2011

KHSAA Summary of Deficiencies, 2009-2010

KHSAA Summary of Deficiencies, 2008-2009

KHSAA Summary of Deficiencies, 2007-2008

KHSAA Summary of Deficiencies, 2006-2007