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01/05/17 – Middle School Regulation Adoptions

January 5, 2017 Middle School Blog Updates and Information


After approval by the Kentucky Board of Education through the regulatory process, please be advised of the new policies affecting middle school athletics, which per 702 KAR 7:065 is competition for students grades 5-8 participating in competition for grades levels 6 through 8. Highlights of the changes are listed below with the complete regulation at

Dead Period
Beginning in June 2017, the period of June 25 to July 9 (inclusive), shall be a dead period for middle school athletics.
During the dead period:
(a) Students shall not receive coaching or training from school personnel, whether salaried or non-salaried;
(b) School facilities, uniforms, nicknames, transportation, or equipment shall not be used;
(c) School funds shall not be expended in support of interscholastic athletics; and
(d) A postseason wrap-up activity, celebration, or recognition event relating to a spring sports team at a school may be held.

Football drill work and practice activities will be conducted as follows:
(i) A drill conducted in helmets-only shall be a Level 0, air, or Level 1, bags;
(ii) A drill conducted in shells (shorts, shoulder pads, and helmets) shall be a non-contact drill; and
(iii) A contact drill shall be conducted in full equipment;
b. Middle school football shall practice a minimum of eleven (11) days before engaging another group or opponent in full contact, using the following minimum schedule:
(i) Five (5) days in helmets;
(ii) Followed by three (3) days in helmets and shoulder pads; and
(iii) Concluding with three (3) days in full equipment practice;
c. Contact drills shall not be conducted more than twenty-one (21) days before the first regular season contest.

Licensed Officials
Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, teams participating in middle school athletics as defined by subsection (1) of 702 KAR 7:065 shall use KHSAA licensed officials in the sports of baseball, basketball, field hockey, football, soccer, softball and volleyball.

A complete copy of the revised regulation is detailed at


For additional information, please visit the Middle School section of the KHSAA website at


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