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10/17/22 – KHSAA to Host a Middle School Athletic Administrators Workshop

October 17, 2022 Middle School Blog Updates and Information


The KHSAA will again host a workshop specifically designed for Middle School Athletic Administrators (ADs). The workshop is scheduled to be held at the Hilton Lexington/Downtown, 369 W Vine St, on Thursday, November 10. The workshop will begin at 8:30 a.m. and should conclude by 12:00. There is no fee to register. Parking will be in the parking garage for the Hilton and parking tickets will be validated at the meeting. 

Registration for the meeting will be limited to the first 80 middle school administrators that register. In order to register, visit the link at

The content of the meeting will be a thorough review of 702 KAR 7:065, Section 4, which is the state regulation governing middle school play. In addition, helpful guidance will be presented to ensure proper interpretation and application of the provisions of the regulation.

KHSAA Staff, including the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner Sarah Bridenbaugh who currently serves as the designated representative on staff related to this regulation, will be present to offer both explanation and guidance as to the application of the provisions.

Please keep in mind that regardless of action by school councils or district boards of education, the provisions of 702 KAR 7:065 apply if any of the following conditions are satisfied (per the regulation):

  • The contest, event, or tournament is sponsored by a school or combined group of schools;
  • Competitors wear a school-issued uniform;
  • The contest, event, or tournament is sponsored by an outside entity as a school entry event, which is advertised or promoted as a school event, whether or not an entry fee is required;
  • A school entity pays an entry fee, for the student or team, including payment by booster organizations;
  • A school representative accompanies the student-athlete or transports the student-athlete to the contest, event, or tournament;
  • A designated or hired member of a school coaching staff, whether paid or unpaid, is present and offering instruction, advice, evaluation, or refinement of skills or exercising other duties defined as coaching within the sport rules;
  • Transportation to or from the contest, event, or tournament utilizes school-provided or approved transportation;
  • Competitors in the contest, event, or tournament wear apparel identifying them by the name of the school, including the formal name, informal name, or team nickname;
  • Competitors in the contest, event, or tournament are provided promotional or other resources by the school including school media recognition, signage, and items clearly indicative of school representation;
  • Competition in a contest, event, or tournament has, in any form, the jurisdiction of the local school board or school-based decision-making body, including financial or other approval control; or
  • Competition in a contest, event, or tournament is covered by any school or school system-provided or procured insurance policy;

We look forward to seeing your representatives on November 10. 


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