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09/05/14 – Middle School Athletics and “Who we can play”

September 5, 2014 Athletic Department Blog Updates


We have received several inquiries on the middle school regulation (702 KAR 7:065) and which school(s) that middle school teams can and cannot compete against in contests. To assist schools, the following clarifications are being provided to help address those questions. We will also post this information within the FAQ document and review with the Middle School Advisory Committee at its upcoming Sept. 30 meeting.

Within the regulation KRS 156.070 (2), it states:

(11) Require that the common schools at the middle school level may only compete in contests against schools, including combined elementary or middle school teams, that adhere to these provisions; 

Middle school teams are defined as Board of Education sponsored/funded/approved middle school teams. Those teams are permitted to play against other Board of Education sponsored/funded/approved middle school teams that adhere to the policies in place as referenced above.

Board of Education sponsored/funded/approved middle school teams are not permitted to compete/participate against club teams, travel teams or those teams that appear to be middle school teams (use school name, colors, mascot but are not Board sponsored/funded/approved).

There have been inquiries with regard to insurance.  Some have stated that the insurance carrier for the Board sponsored/funded middle school team have told districts that schools are covered by their individual district insurance policy to play non Board sponsored/funded, club outside teams.  Keep in mind, this is a state regulation and non-adherence would likely nullify insurance coverage. Each district should consult with their carrier and ask the specific question, “If my school is represented by a team that is in violation of a properly adopted state regulation, is my coverage still valid and in full force?”

Again, these topics will be shared with the Middle School Advisory Committee for continued feedback and insight. It is important as we navigate these new territories that we close any perceived loophole or shortcoming and ensure that all districts are treated in the same manner.


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