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07/30/19-Reminder about NCAA Recruiting Windows and KHSAA Bylaw 9

July 30, 2019 Athletic Department Blog Updates


We have received several inquiries about upcoming “recruiting” events being held during the month of August. With various start dates for school in Kentucky, Bylaw 9 can impact the eligibility of students and in many cases, without their advance knowledge, if events are held at the “wrong” time of the month and their school happens to start very early compared to others.

Keep in mind that Bylaw 9 restricts basketball players (and does not apply to any sport other than basketball or football) who have BOTH been enrolled in the 9th grade and THEN subsequently has played for the school (freshman, junior varsity or varsity) in a contest. The complete text of the rule is located at

There are two exemptions for both boys and girls that have been approved by the membership during the period beginning with the first day of school and October 14.

  • The first is an exemption for a one-day event held ON CAMPUS of an NCAA or NAIA member institution or conducted exclusively by an NCAA or NAIA member institution within 100 miles of that NCAA or NAIA institution.
  • The second is an exemption that allows for a one-day event during the NCAA Division I or II contact or evaluation periods.

For the boys’ participants, keep in mind that the NCAA made major changes to its recruiting calendar following the Adidas issues.

For both boys and girls participants, THERE ARE NO CONTACT OR EVALUATION PERIODS FOR BASKETBALL AT THE NCAA DIVISION I or II LEVELS DURING AUGUST. August is actually a “quiet” period where NCAA coaches cannot observe or have contact away from the college campus.

Please ensure that your basketball players and their families are fully aware of the restrictions and make informed decisions about purported “recruiting” events in August and in the fall.

If you have questions about the application of the bylaw on specific students or wish to self-report violations of the rule, please contact Darren Bilberry at the KHSAA (



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