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10/13/16-Important Safety Reminder for Archery Schools

October 13, 2016 Archery Blog Updates


This important notice is being distributed to all KHSAA member schools. Because the participation in Archery is ever-expanding and because there are several schools that compete in Archery but as of yet, don participate in KHSAA competition, it is important that all schools be aware of this concern.

As partners with KY NASP, we are very fortunate that the National Archery in the Schools Program, NASP®, has maintained a perfect safety record since its inception in March of 2002. One reason for this success is our strict adherence to NASP safety protocols. We are very pleased that KHSAA has agreed to use the NASP® rules and protocols for Kentucky High School archery. This has led to a quality and continued safe archery experience for participating students across the Commonwealth.

A few months ago, it came to the attention of NASP representatives that some schools are allowing archers to shoot high poundage bows in school gyms. The safety nets approved by NASP® and used by schools will not safely stop arrows shot from one of these bows. This creates a major safety concern and we felt that the situation must be addressed. Shortly after the time of discovery, NASP® sent a communication to all certified NASP® instructors, informing them that this practice is not approved by
NASP®. The practice could result in injury or property damage as the
approved safety net manufacturer has rated the nets for Genesis bows (20 lbs.) or less.

During our ongoing discussions about safety protocol communication, we realized that we need to do more to support Athletic Directors (ADs) and school administrators about our approved equipment and what is allowed for use. Currently, when an AD or Principal walks in the gym and sees archery in session, it is possible that it might not be evident if the proper safety protocols are being implemented.

In response to this concern, NASP has created a document to assist school representatives with that evidence. Once informed on the proper equipment and protocol, we hope that all participating school administrators will be more engaged with archery in their schools and help make sure that archery retains its outstanding safety record. This document is located at

NASP® knows archery is one of the safest of sports when conducted properly. We also know that any form of archery-­‐related injury is the biggest threat to the continued success of archery as a school sport/activity. Please share this post and the document listed above with all individuals related to the Archery program, whether in the school program or and in competition and ask that all parties do everything possible to make  sure that archery is conducted in a safe manner as intended by KHSAA and NASP®.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact Tommy Floyd, E.D., Vice President, and General Manager, National Archery in the Schools Program at or Michael Barren at the KHSAA offices at