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03/05/21 – Change in Attendance Limitation Recommendation

March 5, 2021 2020-2021 News Releases


We have confirmed that officially, effective today, all of the guidance limitations within the Governor’s orders on a variety of venues have been changed. The venue recommendations for limitation have been changed throughout the state increasing by ten percent each. Therefore the recommended maximum attendance threshold is increased to 25% of capacity effective today for indoor events hosted by our member schools. While this remains guidance, it is obviously in the best interest, legally and otherwise, of our member schools. Universal masking remains required, social distancing is to be consistently applied to the fullest extent possible.

It is certainly not required to change current procedures, but this does give them some planning time for upcoming events week. Guidance documents for spring outdoor events will be revised in the coming days to reflect this change.

From talking to so many of you, there remains considerable confusion in our membership as to the differences between “venues” as listed in the Governor’s Orders (Requirements for Venues and Event Spaces) and the recommended limitations on our high schools. Our own experience in developing plans for the Rupp Arena events coming up has illustrated the main challenge with the venue order and led to some clarification.

Some venues have been able to increase well above fifty percent under this latest order. But that order specifies that this can only be done only if All individuals in the venue or event space must be able to maintain six (6) feet of space from everyone who is not a member of their household. If the venue or event space is not able to maintain six (6) feet of space between attendees or households at capacity, the venue or event space must limit the number of individuals in the area or space to the greatest number that permits proper social distancing.

This standard is likely nearly impossible for high school venues to meet, with bleachers, most without a lot of marked spaces, and not nearly enough enforcement staff, as well as a desire to prioritize other, more pertinent issues at contests. Therefore the recommendations remain in place to cap indoor event attendance at 25%. Of course, there is not a requirement to change what is already in place, but an allowance within the recommendation for an increase.

We will advise the membership if additional changes occur.


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