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04/11/21- Reminders about Off-season Team Sport Allowances and Restrictions

April 12, 2021 2020-2021 News Releases


With the conclusion of basketball season, member schools are reminded of the regulations regarding off-season play. There have been no additional adjustments enacted, considered or contemplated at this time by the Commissioner’s office or the Board of Control for play by students and participation by coaches. While member schools are expected at all times to adhere to sport mitigation strategies as detailed in the COVID-19 documentation, no further adjustments to Bylaw 23 have been made.

The Bylaw references are Bylaw 23, listed in its entirety at, Section 1 of this bylaw applies to all sports and sport-activities.

Keep in mind the following references:

  • Bylaw 23, Sec. 1 (c) – Defines the end of school. The rules prior to the end of school are somewhat more restrictive than the rules after the conclusion of the school year. Per Bylaw 23, the end of school is defined – For all interpretations and regulations concerning the ending of the school year, including restrictions on coaching involvement, the end of the school year shall be defined as the earlier of the last day of school or May 31.
  • Bylaw 23, Sec. 1 (f) goes into lengthy detail about what can happen on campus during the spring prior to the date defined above. In addition, the regulations and subsequent interpretations detail what can occur off-campus as well.
    • In short, if a team or playing unit in any form of organized play involves half of a normal playing complement (e.g., 6 or more in football or soccer, 3 or more in basketball, 5 or more in baseball or softball), then it cannot occur on a member school campus. This restriction does not preclude individual improvement activities with less than these numbers if approved by the school Principal.
    • Competition may occur involving athletes from the same school at facilities not owned or managed by member schools (whether or not the coach is involved) provided the activity is not mandatory, there is no penalty for non-participation, the activity is not restricted exclusively to team members, and the activities fully comply with Case BL23-7 and Case BL23-18 in the document at

It is also noted that the Dead Period, detailed in Bylaw 24, will still be in place for 2021, starting June 25 through July 9 per the rule as detailed at There are no planned adjustments to the Dead Period as of this time.


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