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10/16/20- COVID Basketball Information and Update

October 16, 2020 Athletic Department Blog Updates


As we prepare for the start of official practice on October 26, reminders are in order for all involved. This was previously distributed to all schools earlier this month, but all representatives would be advised to be sure you are familiar. The guidance document is posted on the KHSAA website at

We have received a few inquiries recently regarding the start of basketball practice and the guidelines that have been issued. Keep in mind that the season is divided into segments for a purpose, and that gives natural opportunities for consideration of revisions based on what is happening with the pandemic. 
Here are a few reminders based on the questions that have come into the office. This material is and was contained in the guidance document. It is imperative that coaches be familiar with the entire contents of the guidance document and realize that as everything with this pandemic, things can change quickly.
NOTE: None of this is new and all were included in the October 1 distributed guidance document. Italicized elements are interpretations that have been requested.

  • Segment 1 as determined approved by the Board of Control refers to high school competition from the first contest to December 18; Segment 2 refers to competition from December 19 to January 31, and Segment 3 refers to competition from February 1 to the beginning of the district.
  • The first official practice can be held on October 26, 2020.
    • It has been recommended to all districts that no practice be held until that date (even informal open gym).
    • There is also a reminder that it is recommended that activity ceases in a county that is red per the KDPH metric, however that metric is also used by many schools as an automatic trigger to dig deeper into the situation with your local health authorities to determine the next plan of action and was never intended as an arbitrary decision making metric.
  • Intra-squad (within the team) scrimmaging may be conducted on the first day of practice.
  • For 2020-21, no scrimmages will be permitted before the start of the first contest of the season or following the first official contest.
    • NOTE: This restriction also applies to middle school athletics.
  • The first official contest can be held on November 23.
    • NOTE: The underlined notes have been the source of most questions that have arisen and should be emphasized to all involved with the program.
  • The limit of contests for the season (not including postseason) is 30 with no more than 3 contests in a given week. If a school, due to participation in a regular-season multiple-match event (i.e. tournament) exceeds the limit of matches in a given week, such shall not be considered a violation of Bylaw 23 provided the preceding or succeeding week(s) are adjusted to create an appropriate average number of contests per week.
    • This limit includes any contest against another team designated as a scrimmage per Bylaw 23. There are NOT 30 games PLUS 2 scrimmages.
  • The last official regular season contest can be held on February 13.
  • Postseason play, at this time, is scheduled to begin February 15 with championship play currently scheduled to end the week of March 8.


    • NOTE: In the all-sports document, which is  included in the basketball document, pay particular attention to  the information on page 13 regarding NFHS Sanction Events and page 14 regarding Time Between Contests.


  • Guidance is broken into three areas:
    • REQUIRED- These standards are required at all sanctioned contests.
    • RECOMMENDED- These standards are best practices during all contests during the pandemic and are therefore recommended for all contests.
    • CONSIDER- While these items are also best practices during this time, local site discretion should be exercised to determine if these items are practical and feasible for use at the contest.


  • These guidelines represent additional policies and interpretations per the Constitution of the KHSAA. Member schools, through the membership process and form, have agreed to abide by those policies as attested to in the membership application, including:
    • The school is a voluntary member of the KHSAA and follows the KHSAA Constitution, Bylaws, Competition Rules, and all other policies and directives of the KHSAA Commissioner or Board of Control;
    • The Principal/Designated Representative has read, understood, and agrees to abide by the KHSAA Constitution, Bylaws, Competition Rules, Due Process Procedure, and all other policies of the KHSAA Commissioner or Board of Control as now enacted or later amended;
    • The school will abide by all of the rulings and directives of the KHSAA Commissioner, Assistant Commissioners, Hearing Officer, and Board of Control, and at all times act in the best interests of the KHSAA;
    • The school will self-report all violations of the KHSAA Constitution, Bylaws, Competition Rules, Due Process Procedure or all other policies and directives of the KHSAA Commissioner or Board of Control, and any ruling by the KHSAA and its Commissioner, Assistant Commissioners, Hearing Officer or Board of Control;
    • The KHSAA may impose penalties as detailed in the Bylaws of the KHSAA against a member school for violation of the KHSAA Constitution, Bylaws, Competition Rules, Due Process Procedure or all other policies and directives of the KHSAA Commissioner or Board of Control, and said school agrees to timely adhere to and abide by all penalties assessed against this school under the Bylaws of the KHSAA or any other rule, regulation or policy;
    • The school will comply with the principles of institutional control as defined within the Bylaws of the KHSAA and the KHSAA’s published interpretations thereof.
  • As such, these policies during this time of the global pandemic are binding on all member schools; and cooperative application of the standards is the primary way our members have of restarting interscholastic activity.
  • Failure to adhere to the requirements contained in these standards shall be cause for a finding of a lack of institutional control and penalized per Bylaw 27, including game forfeiture, fine or other penalties, suspension of an individual team, program, or member school.
    • NOTE: Specifically, the head coach and the member school will be held accountable and liable for any penalties for violations of any item listed as REQUIRED in the guidance document.
Please contact the KHSAA office with questions.​


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