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12/12/18 – Reminder about Stats Collection REQUIREMENT and Penalties for Noncompliance

December 12, 2018 Athletic Department Blog Updates


Starting next week, the KHSAA will begin compiling daily statewide statistical leader reports for boys’ and girls’ basketball. The reports will be updated every day at approximately 3 a.m., allowing for more current and up-to-date information to be displayed at

Statistical entry is required of all member schools, and those failing to meet the requirement to enter stats are subject to penalties from the Commissioner, including fines and other actions within the constraints of Bylaw 27. Based upon recommendations from the Basketball Advisory Committee in 2016, the fine for schools not in compliance was doubled, as it creates a competitive imbalance for those that do participate.

The requirement to enter statistics, which has been in place for several years, was reiterated to coaches during the online rules clinic. Statistical entry has the benefit of allowing member schools to highlight and promote the accomplishment of their student-athletes, which should be a priority for all involved in school-based sports.

Please keep in mind a few other items related to statistical entry:

  • Due to the frequency of games played during the basketball season, a 2-game allowance will be afforded when the leaders report is generated. Any team with stats missing for more than 2 games at the time the report is generated is subject to penalties per Bylaw 27;
  • The statistics requested are not comprehensive by any means, but should be submitted completely. At the very minimum, a school should enter the stats recorded by the official scorekeeper if more detailed stats are not kept. Individual game stats are then aggregated for season totals;
  • Individual game stats should be entered within forty-eight (48) hours of completion;
  • Only submission via will be accepted. Do not FAX, MAIL, EMAIL or otherwise try to submit. Stats must be entered through the online system by clicking on the stat entry links after logging in to the school subdomain;
  • Statistics may be entered by the head coach, any coach assigned head coach data privileges, any user with Athletic Director privilege, or those specifically listed with statistics access. Feel free to contact Joe Angolia ( if you have basketball stats questions, or Rob Catron ( if you have technical issues;
  • The KHSAA has collected statistics for boys’ and girls’ basketball teams for more than 20 years. Participation has NOT been 100% by far and has brought to light the issue of credibility of the rankings. We have already had a large number of concerns expressed during this season, not about the requirement, but about those who were NOT reporting.

We appreciate you cooperating and preventing other actions from being taken.


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