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01/20/22- Revisions Announced in COVID Return to Play Protocol

January 20, 2022 2021-2022 News Releases


As a result of multiple recent changes and interpretations by the CDC, the KHSAA KMA Sports Medicine Committee met on September 18 to consider revisions to the return to play protocol. Please keep in mind that only the six-day gradual return to play following a positive test is a requirement for eligibility, to ensure the health and safety of those students testing positive for COVID-19.

This has solely to do with ISOLATION (following a positive test) and not QUARANTINE (exposure). Both the isolation and quarantine periods are of local jurisdiction with only the return-to-play being standard throughout the association and its member schools.

The following items were changed in the prior documentation since the last revisions in October, 2021:

  • The isolation period references remain in compliance with CDC recommendations, with a minimum of 5-days in isolation. With this revision, the six-day return to play protocol can begin on day 6 rather than day 11 of the prior document in the case of an asymptomatic or mild-symptomed athlete.
  • The isolation definitions (ISOLATION DEFINED at the bottom of page 1) is in alignment with the CDC guidelines and clearly define day 1 as the day AFTER symptoms start or the day of the test which is positive.
  • During the return to play protocol, those days 6-10 following the defined day 1 stipulate masks to be worn in the presence of others in compliance with the CDC guidelines for the asymptomatic or mild-symptomed athlete. For the athlete with moderate symptoms per the medical professional, the rest period remains at 7 days (following the 5-day isolation). Please note all of the text in the algorithm for specific details.
  • Exceptions remain for an early start to competition in specific sports or sport-activities, detailed in the RTA/RTP Notes on page 2.

Nothing else has changed. It remains local jurisdiction for the vast majority of the recommendations, including the use of the form. The use of the form continued to NOT be required as the form was developed by doctors for use by the KMA members.

The entire revised document remains housed on the KHSAA website at

Questions on the protocol should be directed to the Commissioner’s office.


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