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04/15/22- NCAA Issues Additional COVID Eligibility Guidance for 2023-24

April 15, 2022 2021-2022 News Releases


The NCAA today issued the following guidance document to the state associations to reflect changes, updates and allowances for students who will initially enroll in NCAA institutions in the fall of 2023. Please carefully review this material and contact the NCAA Eligibility Center with questions. The KHSAA should not be considered the definitive source for NCAA guidance, but rather, the NCAA member institutions or the Eligibility Center should be considered that source. The information referenced is located at, and reflects adjustments for 2023-2024 as well as a reiteration of the answers to those issues for 2022-2023. Feel free to use the CONTACT US link on the bottom of the NCAA page at



Given the continuing impact of COVID-19 on the educational environment, the NCAA Eligibility Center has partnered with the NCAA membership to identify adjustments to the initial-eligibility certification process for students who initially enroll full-time in an NCAA Division I or II school during the 2023-24 academic year. Click here to learn more about these important adjustments.

Please share this information with your athletes! This directly impacts rising seniors. The Eligibility Center is also hosting a webinar for your college-bound student-athletes and their families on Sunday, May 1. Please share this message with your students and encourage them to attend this important event.

We appreciate your engagement to ensure students fully understand their opportunities.


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