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11/15/2023 – Esports Spring 2024 Enrollment Is Now Open

November 15, 2023 Athletic Department Blog Updates


On the heels of yesterday’s exciting announcement that beginning with the Spring, 2024 season PlayVS has removed their competition fees, Spring 2024 Esports enrollment is now open!

For detailed enrollment steps, please refer to the link below:

Here are important dates for the Spring season:

  • Spring ’24 Enrollment is open as of 11/14/23
  • The enrollment deadline for all state leagues is 2/16/2024
  • Preseason:  Weeks of 2/5/24 & 2/12/24
  • Regular Season: Weeks of 2/19/24 – 4/8/24
  • Playoffs:  Weeks of 4/15/24 – 4/26/24
  • Spring Championships: Currently slated for the week of April 22 in Kentucky

Titles offered for the Spring include:

Match Times (4:00 PM CT / 5:00 PM ET)*

  • Mondays: All titles
    • Practice days are optional during the regular season on Mondays from 4-7 PM Local time
    • Coaches and players will receive in-app notifications and coaches will be able to join the practice queue.
    • This is not required and does not affect team rank.
  • Tuesdays:
    • League of Legends, Splatoon™ 3
  • Wednesdays:
    • Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate, NBA 2K
  • Thursdays:
    • Rocket League, Madden, Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe, Hearthstone

*Starting with the Fall ’23 Season, the PlayVS match scheduler now runs 5 days in advance of game day to allow teams to scout, practice, or reschedule. Note:  If two Eastern Time Zone schools want to play at 4 p.m. ET instead of 5:00 p.m. ET, they can reschedule their match five days in advance to play at 4:00 ET.

Reminder:  There can be no Esports matches/practices before 4:00 PM CT / 5:00 PM ET for schools on the Kentucky Department of Education’s K-12 Network.  

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