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NFHS Rules Considerations Due to Covid-19

September 7, 2020 Sports Medicine-Covid-19 Blogs


NFHS Rules Considerations Due to Covid-19

This listing is courtesy of the NFHS in Indianapolis. These rules are written for the high school, interscholastic levels. Other levels of play may also want to consult with such groups as USA Football, US Soccer Federation, USA Volleyball, USA Field Hockey, USA Cheer and similar organizations additionally appropriate to that level.

These rules were written for states to consider adopting, but are not nationwide mandates nor mandates in Kentucky unless otherwise noted. Teams traveling out of state may want to ask that host state about adoptions.

These considerations DO NOT supersede state and local order or KHSAA policy. They are simply considerations, an example of which is universal masking. The NFHS does not have authority to override a state order. These options, if adopted, are considered to be in compliance with NFHS rules as adopted per KHSAA Bylaw 22, Sec. 5. These options have been extended to include the fall season of 2021-22.

NFHS Covid Considerations-ARCHERY.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-BADMINTON.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-BASEBALL.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-BASKETBALL.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-BASS FISHING.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-BOWLING.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-BOYS GYMNASTICS.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-BOYS LACROSSE.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-CHEER_SPIRIT.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-CONTEST OFFICIALS.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-CROSS COUNTRY.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-FIELD HOCKEY.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-FOOTBALL.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-GIRLS LACROSSE.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-GOLF.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-GYMNASTICS.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-ICE HOCKEY.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-RIFLERY.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-ROWING.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-SKIING_SNOWBOARDING.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-SOCCER.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-SOFTBALL.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-SWIMMING AND DIVING.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-TENNIS.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-TRACK AND FIELD.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-VOLLEYBALL.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-WEIGHTLIFTING.pdf
NFHS Covid Considerations-WRESTLING.pdf

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