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10/04/21-Vacancy Announcement for Entry-Level Event Staff Position(s) (Regular, Full-time)

October 7, 2021 2021-2022 News Releases


Kentucky High School Athletic Association.
Vacancy Announcement for the position of Event Management Specialist


The Kentucky High School Athletic Association is accepting applications for the position of Event Management Specialist. This is an entry-level administrative-level position for the KHSAA with focused duties primarily around the championships conducted by the Association.


  • Work directly for the Commissioner of the Association as well as assisting the Associate Commissioner, Assistant Commissioners, General Counsel and Communications Director and other members of the staff.
  • Page layout for all KHSAA instructions related to managing the district, region, semi-state (state rounds hosted by member schools) championship events to include directives for managers, participating teams, workers and officials, including all aspects of design and mechanical production of these documents.
  • Compilation of material and records related to the site selections and seeding plans of all district and region tournaments in all championships.
  • Contact with and logistical arrangements for workers and volunteers at all KHSAA state championship events, including compensation and attendance records, in collaboration with assigned Executive Staff supervisors for that event.
  • Facilitate/coordinate the transportation of the equipment needed for championship events including driving rental trucks up to 24 feet in length.
  • Coordinate Board of Control reports regarding ticket sales at KHSAA championships, including collection and storage of all levels of play in all sports.
  • Serve as backup to Communications Director in the event of overlapping scheduled events.
  • Assist as assigned by the Communications Director with the entry of contest schedules, out-of-state opponents, regular-season tournaments, brackets and results on KHSAA/Riherds scoreboard and other necessary operation locations.
  • Assist as assigned by the Communications Director with other association publications, recognition of special groups, pre-event signage, and pre and post-game media gatherings at championships, monitoring of information on KHSAA website (, and monitoring of social media channels as time permits.
  • Assist appropriate executive staff personnel at each of the KHSAA championship events as directed by that staff member or the Commissioner.
  • Other duties as may be assigned by the Commissioner or detailed upon employment.


  • A completed four-year college degree, with a preference for Business Administration, Sports/Athletics Administration, Education, Educational Administration or another field closely related to the activities of the KHSAA.
  • Professional experience commensurate with job responsibilities.
  • Computer competency and experience, particularly experience using Microsoft Office®.
  • Accurate attention to detail in the completion of projects and meeting deadlines.
  • Ability to adjust and adapt to a multi-tasking, rapidly changing organization expanding its past operations, mission and purpose.
  • Ability and desire for statewide travel that frequently extends beyond the workday.
  • Effective communication and organizational skills that are necessary for working with the Association membership and the ability to collaborate with other staff members in a professional manner.


  • A background in sports information or in a position requiring knowledge and work around multiple sports is highly preferred.
  • Experience with the Adobe Creative Suite of products (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and others) is highly preferred)
  • Previous experience driving large vehicles.
  • Publications, radio, television, media, public speaking and public/community relations experience.
  • Understanding of social media and its use in promotions and its value in the business world today.
  • Computer competency and experience using the Google Apps product suite (Gmail, google drive, docs, sheets, keep notes, etc.) is highly preferred.
  • Experience maintaining or monitoring content on a website or website information.
  • Awareness of sports statistics and records concepts, including verification of performances.


  • The office of the Association is located in Lexington, Kentucky and the staff members are employees of the Kentucky Educational Development Cooperative (KEDC).
  • This is a full-time position, exempt from Federal and State wage and hour laws and not entitled to overtime pay.
  • Significant hours of work beyond the typical workday including multiple weekends per year should be anticipated due to event schedules and ongoing responsibilities.
  • The successful candidate will qualify for membership in the Kentucky Teachers Retirement System (KTRS) and shall follow the hiring guidelines of background and criminal records check as required by the Kentucky Educational Development Cooperative (KEDC).
  • This position is a certified position within the context of KTRS. Under current law, the KHSAA may not hire a re-employed KTRS retiree working under the provisions and limitations of the Daily Wage Threshold in this position and that member be able to continue drawing a retirement payment.
  • Salary is set within a range established by the Commissioner and has been approved by the Board of Control as part of the KHSAA budget.
  • Experience will be considered within the constraints of the approved salary.
  • Benefits for this position currently include paid individual health insurance through state insurance plan, KTRS full match, social security and medicare withholdings and full match, paid sick and annual leave including the accrual of unused sick leave with limitations subject to KEDC policies, KTRS statutes and regulations..


  • Interested applicants should submit a resume and answer specific questions via the online application at the URL below.
  • References may be listed on the resume or included as application comments and the online application presents an opportunity for the submission of reference letters.
  • Applications may only be submitted electronically through the KHSAA website at
  • Specific questions not detailed in this announcement may be directed via email to All inquiries must be submitted to this email and emails to specific individuals will likely not receive a response.
  • All references should contain contact information including cell (if available) and other phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Within the application, candidates should detail specific experience participating in, officiating or coaching sports or sport activities.
  • It is desired that employment starts not later than December 6, 2021. However, the start date for the successful candidate will be negotiable upon selection..


  • The Kentucky High School Athletic Association was organized in 1917 and is the agency designated by the Kentucky Department of Education to manage high school athletics in the Commonwealth under 702 KAR 7:065 as empowered by KRS 156.070.
  • The Association is formed as a voluntary nonprofit 501 3(c) organization made up of 286 member schools both public and private. The KHSAA awards 215 state championships to 51 teams and 164 individuals in 13 sports and 6 sport-activities, funds catastrophic insurance coverage for its more than 106,000 rostered member school student-athletes, provides coaching education and sports safety programs for more than 12,000 coaches, and licenses and facilitates the distribution of training material for over 4,000 contest officials, as well as overseeing coaching education and sports safety programs and conducting leadership enhancement programs for interscholastic student-athletes and athletic administrators.
  • The Association office is located at 2280 Executive Drive in Lexington, KY (40505). More background information can be found about the KHSAA by visiting the KHSAA website at

The Vision of the KHSAA is to provide diverse and equitable opportunities for all students to enjoy the privilege of participation in school and education-based sports or sport-activities as part of the educational experience to teach and hone life skills, learn perspective, have fun and develop character.

 The Mission of the KHSAA is to provide governance and leadership in order to regulate and progressively administer the highest quality interscholastic athletic sports and sport-activities in an efficient manner, and promote the values of participation for all involved in education-based athletics and school-based sports. The KHSAA will work collaboratively with its member schools to recognize and promote the primary focus of high school academic success and college and career readiness for the student participants, risk minimization for all participants in the programs, and ensure the efficient administration of the education-based athletic program in the schools.


This position announcement is archived as a PDF file at  /staff/khsaaeventmanagementad2021.pdf


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