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09/18/20- Urgent Reminder on COVID Cancellations in Football, Soccer and Volleyball

September 18, 2020 Athletic Department Blog Updates


REVISED 10/1/20

Just a quick reminder on the score and schedule entry for COVID related cancellations IN ALL SPORTS on the KHSAA Scoreboard (Field Hockey, Football, Soccer, and Volleyball for the fall, 2020 seasons). As with a lot of things related to this pandemic, the specific experiences of our member schools are resulting in a constant procedural review and revision as we move forward.

  • Because of the impact on RPI and standings, we have removed the ability to update of delete games.
  • You will report that you have a COVID cancellation by submitting the form on the KHSAA website at the link CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A DELETION OR REVISION TO THE SCOREBOARD.
  • From the point your form is sent, policies that were previously adopted in July will take effect.
  • The score will be permanently recorded as a 0-0 tie with a notation that it is a COVID cancelation.
  • The RPI will be adjusted for each of these types of COVID-canceled contests to apply the out of state tied contest factor for both teams unless one or both team is/are able to re-schedule and play a contest, in which case the standard RPI calculations will occur.
  • In football ONLY, the same COVID-canceled contest factor will be applied to any open week.
  • This process will ensure that in every way possible, the RPI is applied equitably.

See the post at for other specific RPI or application questions.

Contact Joe Angolia on the KHSAA staff if you have particular questions about the scoreboard data. (


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