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01/09/24 – REMINDER: KHSAA/PlayVS Spring 2024 Esports Interest Survey with Special Offer

January 9, 2024 Athletic Department Blog Updates

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a great holiday season.  The fall Championships at the University of Kentucky were super exciting, and I know everyone is looking forward to this upcoming Spring season.

As a reminder, starting Spring ‘24, PlayVS will now offer competition on the platform at no cost. For an unlimited number of teams and players, you will be able to compete for free on the most robust competition platform across the largest selection of titles with the most reliable and prompt coach support.

Spring ‘24 enrollment is OPEN! If you are interested in participating, please take this short survey here:
Select schools that fill out the interest survey above and participate in the upcoming Spring season will have the opportunity to receive a Nintendo Switch bundle* (a value of $650) and/or a game copy of Madden NFL 24 and/or a game copy of NBA2K24 if they previously haven’t received one.
*bundle includes a Nintendo Switch console, a wired controller, and a LAN adapter.
Note that enrollment is open through 2/16/24.  It is advised to enroll as soon as possible as enrollment numbers determine which game titles we offer at the State League (and thus State Championship) level.
For a complete Spring ’24 Season schedule (note the exception on Kentucky Match Times):
It should be noted that if two Eastern Timezone teams are scheduled to play one another, they can request a schedule change to move the start time to 4 PM ET instead if 5 PM ET.  Details here
The Spring KHSAA in-person State Championship is currently slated for Thursday, April 25 on the Campus of the University of Kentucky.
In closing, as we enter this exciting free-to-play chapter of Esports in Kentucky, I would like to point out a few aspects of PlayVS/KHSAA Esports that administrators may or may not be aware of:
Games Currently Offered for High School Competition
* Titles that have had enough participation to have a State Championship
+ Titles that are rapidly emerging – 2024 Spring Enrollment will dictate whether or not there is a State Championship Offered
Helpful Tips on Building Your Program
A complete guide that includes fundraising and tryout tips, a guide on how to reach your parents, practice overviews, printable Esport/Game Flyers, and much more can be found here
Scholarship Opportunities
Hundreds of colleges and universities have thriving esports programs, and they are seeking High School talent. They offer tens of millions of dollars in esports scholarship money, with more being added every year. PlayVS alone has paid out over $1M in scholarships and prizing, and they partner with to help students secure esport scholarships.
(Spring) Break Week
Once enrolled for this season, please double-check your break week to ensure it is set properly. PlayVS can make changes as long as the break week has not occurred and no matches for that week have been scheduled.
Break Weeks allow a team to indicate a week that they should not be scheduled for a match (typically due to Spring/Fall Break or observed holidays). Selecting a week will result in your team(s) receiving a Bye in place of a match. For more info on Byes, see the Match Status Guide.
PlayVS Rivals
Rivals Week was a requested feature that was added this past season and one that wasn’t taken advantage of as much as I thought it would be.  Request and accept your PlayVS Rival – a team in your league that you know you want to compete against during the regular season. Coaches can send out and accept Rivals Invitations for a higher likelihood of competing against one another in Week 3 of the Regular Season.  Further details can be found here.
In case you missed it (past articles):
Thank you and please contact IT Director Rob Catron ( with any questions

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