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11/13/2023 – Starting Spring 24, PlayVS and KHSAA Announce That Esports Will be Free To Participate

November 14, 2023 2023-2024 News Releases


At both PlayVS and the KHSAA, our goal is to continue to make esports even more accessible, equitable, and inclusive. We want as many students as interested to be able to experience the benefits of esports. With this school year being a mandatory Title IX Student Interest Survey year for the KHSAA, we fully expect that we will see interest numbers increase exponentially – especially after this morning’s announcement.

It is with much excitement that we, along with our official esports partner PlayVS announce that, beginning with the upcoming Spring 2024 season, PlayVS will be free to participate – yes, freeThis should eliminate an obstacle that several schools have faced: the previous $80 per player per game cost to participate.

Both PlayVS and the KHSAA realize that for a number of our participating schools, monies budgeted for esports, along with monies raised through team fundraising efforts have had to have been allocated to cover or partly cover the expense of enrolling each player with PlayVS.  This concern has been voiced by both administrators and coaches for some time now.

Without participation fees, it is our hope that these esports budgets and team fundraising efforts are repurposed to support other areas of the esports program, whether it’s installing a dedicated internet circuit if you are a public school, covering a coaching stipend, purchasing needed equipment, purchasing uniforms, any potential travel costs, or investing in coach development. There are other uses for these funds that would greatly serve the growth of esports programs across the  Commonwealth.

The KHSAA values its partnership with PlayVS and wants to continue to grow the number of students participating in esports. There are no changes to how we will operate in partnership with PlayVS, other than PlayVS will not collect any fees, and schools that have pre-paid for the Spring season will be eligible for pro-rated refunds. Schools eligible for refunds will be contacted by PlayVS over the upcoming weeks. In addition, PlayVS is also building impactful relationships with corporations, nonprofits, and other organizations that will broaden the positive contribution we are driving in scholastic esports.

Below you can view a message from PlayVS CEO Jon Chapman – The Next Chapter for PlayVS:

If you have any questions, as always, feel free to contact Rob Catron, the esports primary contact, at the KHSAA at any time. We will be glad to discuss this exciting news in person with you all at our upcoming Winter Championship on Tuesday, December 12 at the UKFCU Esports Lounge on the Campus of the University of Kentucky!


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