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SB128 Decisions Reporting and Relationship to Athletics

May 11, 2021 Athletic Department Blog Updates


As the time has begun for Boards of Education to make final determinations on SB128, we have a form where you can indicate the choice of your board (or school in the case of our non-public schools). By submitting this information to our office in a one-question response (literally one click), we will then update your school profile to allow the designation of specific students under the school subdomain. You are reminded that unless designated in the roster system, a student may not participate in the privilege of athletics next year as a repeating student (as we have stated since the bill passage and signature).

To keep the general public from making fictitious or malicious responses, we are again using our Board election system that is in the school subdomain.

LISTING OF STUDENTS – Records of Students Utilizing the SSYP

  • All schools must indicate through the online system, which if any students are utilizing the SSYP.
  • Each member school shall designate, on or before June 16, each student that will be using 2021-2022 as part of the SSYP through the KHSAA online roster system.
  • These records shall be available solely to the local school individuals with Principal, Designated Representative, Athletic Director, or Superintendent login authority, and shall be considered private records not subject to other public disclosure.
  • The KHSAA will neither produce nor facilitate, any list that contains the names of individual students exercising the options of SB128 as these are considered protected educational records under FERPA and KY FERPA.


  • The system has been available since Monday, May 10, and is due back in by 2 p.m. on Monday, June 7. Immediately after submitting your response, our IT staff will enable your ability to edit your submitted participation list to note those students.
  • The survey is open and will show on the link at under the menu link entitled “Board Of Control Election/School Referendum Operations” for each of these surveys.
  • You can use the general instructions located at for general directions as it mirrors the balloting.
  • These options will NOT be available to individuals, such as coaches, who do not have rights in the system as Principal or Designated Representative.
  • Those holding multiple roles in the system, be sure and log in as Principal or Designated Rep. Do not login with coaching or Athletic Director roles.

The response must be submitted on or before 2 p.m. ET on June 7, 2021.  


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