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04/20/21- Change in COVID Guidance for Outdoor Sports and Sport-Activities

April 20, 2021 Athletic Department Blog Updates


Following consultation with the Kentucky Department for Public Health and in the review of recent guidance and research, the attendance recommendations for all KHSAA sanctioned play will immediately move to 60% of documented capacity for venues with less than 1,000 capacity, and 50% for venues that hold a greater amount. This change is not compulsory on facilities but is the revised recommendation.

Remember that in calculating those limitations, it is logical to include only congregated seating in those determinations at outdoor venues. For example, in many track and field complexes, as well as baseball and softball stadiums, there are allowances for the placement of fans along fence lines and in parts of the parks that are not directly in bleacher or congregate seating areas. This would be a reasonable adaptation and application of the limits per our conversations with health authorities if those pods of individuals seated in those areas are from the same household and are not co-mingling with groups from other households.

There is no change in the universal masking stipulations, nor is there any change planned in the near future. Event and single-game hosts need to redouble their efforts to insist on mask-wearing by adults.

In particular, there seems to be somewhat minimal adherence by coaches to the masking requirement at outdoor sports, which is not to be tolerated by the member schools and is unsporting in terms of possible enforcement by officials.

The guidance documents online will be changed in the coming days to reflect this change, but it can be implemented immediately and will mirror recent changes to the overall guidance from the Department of Education in its school day documentation. The references to temperature checks and alternative actions caused by those showing fever will be removed in their entirety.


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